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Epson Expression Premium XP-645 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Epson XP-645

Epson Expression Premium XP-645 Printer Driver Download. First of all, I belong to those users who do not need 80 percent of all the options modern printers offer. I connect the printer with a simple USB cable with the USB hub, and this depends on my Mac OS. My office papers are printed on plain paper, CD and DVD, or Blu-ray covers on photo paper. Important for me is the direct printing function on CDs and Blu-rays! My first printer in 2004 was an Epson. Since I afterwards with HP was horrible and Canon had no good experiences, I decided to try again with an Epson.

Driver Download Epson XP-645 Printer Installer
I have been using this Epson Expression Premium XP-645 printer now for a few weeks and unfortunately must realize that Epson is only a shadow of itself. For the following reasons, I consider this printer for bad: The printer is not recognized by the computer. I must always shut it down and then re-adjust it so that it can be recognized properly. Although there is a drawer for photo paper, but only small formats can be filled. A4 does not find any place. If you want to print, the display must be turned upwards so that you can not read it from a sitting position.

Epson XP-645 Set Up Installer Download
Epson Expression Premium XP-645 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Premium XP-645 Download
The Epson Expression Premium XP-645 software to print CDs looks exactly the same bad as 2004!. The layout is accordingly user-friendly and obsolete. Until now it was not possible for me to print a CD from the computer. I had to take a detour via the SD memory card After printing on CD / DVD printer is no longer capable of error-free printing on paper. Only a very time and cost-intensive complete print head cleaning has to be carried out.

Driver Printer Download Epson Expression XP-645
The original ink cartridges are exorbitantly overpriced and are in no relation to the actual material value. I could list here still countless small defects or quirks of this Epson printer, but would not bother you too much. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install the Epson Expression Premium XP-645 driver for the print CD, whichever I tried, according to Epson. The print and scanner work. My Conclusion: I am very disappointed with the quality of this Epson printer, because the fact that the photo quality does not fail, does not help. I can not recommend this Epson Expression Premium XP-645 printer device to anyone.

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