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HP DeskJet 2516 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download HP DeskJet 2516

HP DeskJet 2516 Printer Driver Download. For about 15 years I've been using HP printers, the first one is the HP PSC 500 was quite a bucket, but it worked fine for 5 years and is now working in Poland. The downside was beside its awkward size, that one could not choose between black and white and color in scans. So I bought the predecessor model HP PSC 1200, which has served almost 9 years faithfully and created almost 50,000! copies.

Driver Download HP DeskJet 2516 Printer Installer
Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, it still breathed life. Now I have this HP DeskJet 2516, which is essentially the previous model, but is not so stable. Above all, the paper supply and the copy tray are quite filigree. Although I am not an expert user of computers, the installation was easy and done in a few minutes. The new software is easier to use and offers many possibilities that the PSC 1200 required much more effort.

HP DeskJet 2516 Set Up Installer Download
HP DeskJet 2516 Driver Download

Printer Driver HP DeskJet 2516 Download
The copying and scanning performance is surprisingly good The HP DeskJet 2516 disadvantage mentioned in some postings, that no USB cable is included, is not really relevant, since one the cable from the previous device can be used far away. Also the noise development is not very disturbing, the street noise more rather. How long the cartridges hold, I can not yet assess, since the device has only recently been in operation. All in all, a satisfying device that hopefully keeps as long as its predecessor.

Driver Printer Download HP DeskJet 2516
My wife has the precursor model and is thus very dissatisfied. The successor HP DeskJet 2516 printer I now have is even better. It turns off automatically after 2 hours when it was not used. I think that is very good. Print quality is very good. Scanning works smoothly and even copying can be created properly. Even in a small frame can be enlarged or reduced.

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