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HP Envy 5542 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download HP Envy 5542

HP Envy 5542 Printer Driver Download. The HP Envy 5542 printer is nice and high quality processed. He looks smart, but takes up much more space than my old Canon Pixma MX series. The commissioning is quick and easy. Instructions included but was not used. The two cartridges are also included are probably only one third filled, so you have to buy quickly and are easy to use. And for scanning and printing you have to install a program.

Driver Download HP Envy 5542 Printer Installer
It's also easy and everything is recognized immediately. Network device has worked immediately. The HP Envy 5542 touchscreen is super, it speaks precisely. Super I think the little gimmicks, as the forms and I have sudoku, labyrinths, calendar pages and the like by the push of a button. It is also possible to set the printer to print content from the network independently at certain times or during innovations like messages, etc. It is not for me however of interest.

HP Envy 5542 Set Up Installer Download
HP Envy 5542 Driver Download

Printer Driver HP Envy 5542 Download
Anyway, there are many possibilities that the printer acts over the Internet also sends problem reports independently, etc, which is to me personally however too much data info and espionage for a printer. But I'm not a fan of food-ordering refrigerators. The HP Envy 5542 print image is very clean, documents as well as pictures are printed sharply. The operating noise when printing is normal, but you can also set the silent mode, then it prints slower, but really quieter. I like to use in the evenings when the children are already in bed. Very good I like the automatic duplex printing, works great.

Driver Printer Download HP Envy 5542
Also the extra for photo paper is well thought out. HP Envy 5542 scanning and copying also works flawlessly and cleanly. The operating noise in the standby is almost not audible. The HP Envy 5542 ink consumption I have yet to wait. Unfortunately, there are no cheap cartridges, of course you have to take the expensive original goods. All in all a good printer with nice gimmicks, but unfortunately only the expensive cartridges.

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