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HP Officejet 2622 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download HP Officejet 2622

HP Officejet 2622 Printer Driver Download. This HP Officejet 2622 is true "plug-and-play". On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, the HPLIP driver (which probably works for almost all HP printers) is already pre-installed, and there is even a scan program "Simple Scan". The included installation disk for Windows and Mac, I could completely ignore. I have prepared the All-In-One printer after the image instructions from HP (input of language, country, date, time via the display + insert enclosed cartridges + print the alignment page for the black and white and the color cartridge + this page Then scan it, then the printer automatically takes over).

Driver Download HP Officejet 2622 Printer Installer
Then I connected the printer with a USB printer cable to my Ubuntu laptop. (In addition I was able to use the cable that was as supplement it with my projector. An interface cable is not longer present at today's printers.) My old printer drivers from the old Epson printer I have removed from the printer menu of Ubuntu and then The new printer. Ubuntu immediately recognized the Officejet 2620 and proposed to the selection. Since I do not need the fax function, I have selected from the 3 offered only the printer driver (the two fax options I omitted).

HP Officejet 2622 Set Up Installer Download
HP Officejet 2622 Driver Download

Printer Driver HP Officejet 2622 Download
And already printing is working. I'm really impressed. Since you actually have more "hand" on Linux than with Windows, I was positively surprised, how simple that was all. For scanning, I found the program "Simple Scan" on my Ubuntu. There you can scan files as image or text and correspond, for example, as jpg or as pdf file. Just write the desired extension behind the filename. The Linux support from HP is really recommendable. With my old Epson printer I often had the problem that the printer was not recognized.

Driver Printer Download HP Officejet 2622
And the HP Officejet 2622 driver, with which this could be fixed, I had to search laboriously out of the Internet. It was really well hidden. The HP Officejet 2622 printer itself I like very well. It is very light. Even the power supply is light. The control panel is easy to understand. The annoying beep at each push-button can also be switched off via the menu. Inserting the ink cartridges from the front of the unit is unusual but does work easily. All in all, the device makes a great impression on me. And most importantly, the first printed pages and the scans look very good.

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