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Plustek ePhoto Z300 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Download Plustek ePhoto Z300

Plustek ePhoto Z300 Scanner Driver Download. Since this Plustek ePhoto Z300 is a device specifically designed  for fast scanning of  small photos  and  documents, it is reasonable to expect that the hardware equipment in agreement with the claims: I find in the Plustek ePhoto z300 a LED lens with static optical resolution of 300 dpi , able of  input accept  up to 48 or 16 bits, respectively for color scans and grayscale and return, for the same types, to 16 or 8 bit output. A modest hardware, as other side (positive) of the currency, brings with it a large acquisition speed: in fact I am talking about approximately 2/2  for  a photo "standard" 10 x 15  rising to approximately  5/2  for a  document format A4. In short, a splinter.

Driver Download Plustek ePhoto Z300 Scanner Installer
Being designed for a specific type of scans and shaped according to it, the Plustek ePhoto z300 has precise limits to the surface and the thickness of the documents and photos to convert: the minimum scanning area is 2.5 x 2.5 cm, the maximum area of  21.6 x 29.7 cm (a classic A4 sheet) and the  maximum thickness  is  0.76 mm. The Plustek ePhoto z300 scanner is admittedly  only compatible with Windows and Mac OS X (if you have only GNU / Linux available is better give up immediately, since it would be possible to use the scanner), the Plustek ePhoto Z300 driver and the software itself are available on the CD provided  that Plustek on the official page, so be installed on machines not equipped with optical media.

Plustek ePhoto Z300 Set Up Installer Download
Plustek ePhoto Z300 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Plustek ePhoto Z300 Download
Let's take a quick overview of the software supplied with the scanner is necessary to have installed ePhoto, which will bring with it all the necessary drivers and that is the fundamental program of the same name where the scanner  bases its operation. Once the installation procedure via CD, ePhoto will ask you to connect your scanner and insert inside the sheet calibration  contained within the package, with the black arrow pointing down. Having done this, simply  restart your computer and start the ePhoto software  to use the scanner immediately.

Driver Scanner Download Plustek ePhoto Z300
This scanner ePhoto, designed specifically for images, enables various operations on the scanned photos: cropping, red-eye correction, saving  (even collectively)  in different formats and much, much more. In addition to the management software, Plustek also offers a second program used with the scanner, Presto! Page Manager, geared mostly to management of scanned documents and related features to it: direct scan, OCR, convert, save (even collectively) locally or on Google Drive, merge into a single PDF and much more.

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