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Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Download Plustek SmartOffice PL1530

Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 Scanner Driver Download. I have been looking for a small scanner for a long time, which can be used both as a flatbed scanner and as a scanner in the private area. When I saw this model at CeBIT, the decision was clear and the scanner was at my home a week later. The Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 setup and connection of the scanner were done quickly. The installation on a Win-7-PC took place according to the instructions connection and activation of the scanner, then installation of the drivers and the software, and it did not work. Only when I tried it in the usual way and after installing the drivers the scanner turned on, it was recognized by Window 7 and installed. Next, the scanner must be calibrated.

Driver Download Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 Scanner Installer
Again, the information in the manual better folded sheet and in the screen statement do not agree. For calibration, a sheet of printed arrows should be inserted with the arrows facing the control panel of the scanner. This is wrong. The arrows must point to the indentation, otherwise no uniform calibration is performed. An installation on a Win-XP computer I carried out in the usual way, first install drivers, then switch on scanner and had no problems with it. The included scanning software provides several scanning profiles for the flatbed scanner and the pull-in scanner, which can be edited and supplemented.

Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 Set Up Installer Download

Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 Download
Negatively I felt that I could not determine where scans, partition, folder, the scans are stored. However, this does not play the big role, because the scans must then be exported and are only then available. In addition to image formats, the PDF format is also available as an output format, which is quite handy for documents. Other programs access the scanner via the TWAIN interface, but they can not always use the batch processing of the document feeder. Thus, Lura DocumentCapture is only able to process one scan at a time. But that is not a problem of the scanner. The Plustek SmartOffice PL1530 scan quality is quite good.

Driver Scanner Download Plustek SmartOffice PL1530
The input scanner is capable of scanning a double-sided sheet in black and white mode on both sides in one pass in 4s. The indentation unfortunately does not always work correctly, so that the sheets are sometimes scanned slightly obliquely. In addition, you should pay attention to a good flipping of the document stack, otherwise there is easily a paper jam and the sheets are damaged. More than 10 sheets should not be placed in the feeder slot, and the scanner should not be left unattended. For a larger office the device is certainly not suitable, but for the private and small office area it is a worthwhile purchase.

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