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Plustek SmartOffice PL2550 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Download Plustek SmartOffice PL2550

Plustek SmartOffice PL2550 Scanner Driver Download. The Plustek SmartOffice PL2550 scanner combination is ideal for small offices like ours. So far, we had been working with two separate HP scanners, but especially after HP had adjusted its driver settings for Windows 7 and 8, there were more and more problems with the drivers. Even when unpacking, it is clear that the materials and processing are good, but it is still somewhat "cheaper" than with HP. The next surprise is in the software installation, at one time there is a blue screen as with DOS windows. Super Mario sends greetings! Also the icon on the desktop looks like from a long forgotten world. But it works!

Driver Download Plustek SmartOffice PL2550 Scanner Installer
Before, however, one must have incorporated into the configuration software, because otherwise he does not recognize one of the two scanners! Automatic selection is not the default! The configuration software allows a wide range of individual settings, but many are only understandable after studying the operating instructions. However, you can adjust many things, which is not possible with other scanners, white balance or edge filling. Unfortunately, however, not the wait for scanning multiple documents into a file, since there are 15 seconds, more not! A program for file conversion and file archiving is included. These are much more modern than the installation software and are probably also very useful, which we have not tried yet.

Plustek SmartOffice PL2550 Set Up Installer Download
Plustek SmartOffice PL2550 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Plustek SmartOffice PL2550 Download
After two weeks of application the experience with the application is very positive. Once you know how it goes! However, I believe that the price-performance ratio is not particularly attractive especially because of the software and the documentation. This is not state of the art! The SmartOffice PL2550 scanner  is the ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce their paper bill. The scanner has two scan units and combines a duplex ADF document scanner with a comfortable flatbed scanner in one device. With its high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and the CIS sensor technology, the PL2550 can also scan high-quality images and convince with its high color accuracy and good scanning results.

Driver Scanner Download Plustek SmartOffice PL2550
From business card to DIN A4, each document size can be easily processed and, if required, stored as a searchable PDF. The large ADF capacity of 50 pages and the high scanning speed of 25 pages per minute make it a full-fledged document scanner. In addition, the A3D documents can also be processed and archived using the ADF function and the accompanying software. Simply put it on the server or send it directly to colleagues via the network. The versatility and adaptability make the PL2550 the ideal partner for any office. 

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