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Samsung SCX-1360 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung SCX-1360

Samsung SCX-1360 Printer Driver Download. This Samsung SCX-1360 printer will printing, copying, scanning Multiple operations are possible. By adopting dual drop technology it is possible to output sharp pictures with high resolution up to 4800 x 12000 dpi. Please print out a nice picture with a general link that does not have photo exclusive ink even at home. Time saving is fundamental through the speed of printing of 20 baiyang maximum black and white, 16 colors, fast.

Driver Download Samsung SCX-1360 Printer Installer
The USB 2.0 Hi Speed ​​port that supports up to 480 Mbps per second is installed and fast data output is possible without interruption even when many documents are output. And mono icon LCD adopts simple but intuitive viewing Pyon Fuan provides an optimal environment for users on screen. You can send the scanned image to the PC immediately without operating the PC software. This Samsung SCX-1360 product supports 220V. To use this product, you have to check the voltage, frequency (Hz), the shape of the plug of the relevant country.

Samsung SCX-1360 Set Up Installer Download
Samsung SCX-1360 Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung SCX-1360 Download
It is 220 V / 60 Hz depending on the type of Korean. However, a difference of ± 10% may be used. Most of the Europe uses 230 V, but it can be used not only for 220 V products but also for transformers. Samsung SCX-1360 is not a brand new, unopened. I will run a specialty store with lots of driver results many countries. I provide the drivers with proper easy download. It may take time for delivery the data depending file size. It will have arrived within minutes.

Download Driver Printer Samsung SCX-1360
Please understand that it may take more time for downloading the drivers. I hope you can accept the above and proceed with it. I can guarantee the this is a good device. So, you can purchase with confidence. You can download the Samsung SCX-1360 drivers and proceed with it and if you have any problem on the drivers, please contact me directly and leaving feedback. I will take care of the problem promptly.

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