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Xerox Phaser 3330 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Xerox Phaser 3330

Xerox Phaser 3330 Printer Driver Download. This Xerox Phaser 3330 can be easily connected via USB as well as WLAN. Switch on, and a few seconds later you can print. The printer is not too loud. The printing speed is more than sufficient for a private user. With this printer, you can easily print photos, but not borderless. I have printed the test photo with the inkjet and the Xerox on high gloss photo paper. I can not see a difference with the naked eye. Only with a strong magnifying glass are pixels visible in the xerox print.

Driver Download Xerox Phaser 3330 Printer Installer
I find the pressure quality, especially in color super. The follow-up costs are also moderate, because there are toner already of third offers for ca 14 €. I would buy this printer again. Many printers up to 200 euros are better equipped or are faster. And yet this color laser is absolutely recommended when print quality has priority. While many laser printers have problems with photos, it also shines in this function and can take it with ink printers.

Xerox Phaser 3330 Set Up Installer Download

Xerox Phaser 3330 Driver Download

Printer Driver Xerox Phaser 3330 Download
The printouts are streak-free, text sharp, no visible dithering even in difficult large gray areas. The pressure goes whisper quietly. Positive is also a physical toggle switch to switch off less and less self-evident. The Xerox Phaser 3330 printer has an http / web-based professional administration interface that allows you to set up numerous network and security functions. Very nice are also the compact dimensions and the relatively low weight of the printer. The negative is however the large toner consumption.

Driver Printer Download Xerox Phaser 3330
To recharge the toner, a red background is printed under black text only on white background. By the way, many consumer lasers of other brands as well. But after a few times "impress" does not continue. Tip also to minimize / suppress the effect: set black text to 2% brightness. This toner is compensated by the availability of very very favorable post-builder at Amazon. If you are fed up with endless cleaning cycles, this is in good hands. The price is justified by the print quality.

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