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Fujitsu fi-6770/fi-6670 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Download Fujitsu fi-6770/6770

Fujitsu fi-6770 Driver Download. This Fujitsu fi-6770/fi-6670 scanner will increase your productivity with advanced scanner intelligence and higher processing speed. The automatic feeding system can hold up to 200 sheets at the same time, giving you the freedom to do other things. The stacker can accommodate both rectangular and fanfiled paper stacks, helping to avoid paper jams and increase scanner productivity. In addition, the fi-6770 can scan sheets with a length of up to three meters.

Fujitsu fi-6670 Driver Download
Thus electrocardiograms, instrumental expressions and long documents can be digitized. The equipment with VRS Professional (software version) guarantees the best image quality and easy handling of the scanner and the paper. The fi-6770 is also shipped with ScandAll Image Capture software. The Fujitsu fi-6770 is a versatile and powerful document scanner for A4 / A3 originals and ideal for large scan volumes.

Fujitsu fi-6670/fi-6770 Set Up Installer Download
Fujitsu fi-6770/fi-6670 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Fujitsu fi-6670 Download
The compact design takes the Fujitsu fi-6670 easily into office environments with confined spaces his place. For convenient operation, the ADF can be rotated 180 ° and installed sideways or in the center of the scanner. The control panel of the Fujitsu fi-6770 is kept extremely user-friendly. The Fujitsu fi-6770/6670 comes with software applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Paper Stream IP and Paper Stream Capture. It is therefore possible to create PDF documents.

Driver Scanner Download Fujitsu fi-6770
The PaperStream IP software guarantees the best picture quality thanks to its numerous image processing functions. The Fujitsu fi-6770 can scan a day a volume of 45,000 pages execute, thanks to a scanning speed of 90 pages / minute, an automatic document feeder for 200 sheets and a double feed detection via ultrasound.

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