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Avision AV36 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Download Avision AV-36

Avision AV36 Scanner Driver Download. The Avision AV-36 scanner is on-the-go scanner with duplex scanning function. The Avision AV36 comes with a feature that can prove very useful on the road. The input scanner digitizes not only one page of a document in one slide, but also masters the duplex scan. Since double-sided originals, especially in field service, are relatively frequent, the hand scanner accelerates their digitization noticeably. Due to its relatively small dimensions of 290 x 77 x 52 millimeters and a weight of around 700 grams, the input scanner proves to be extremely mobile, but it is also suitable for the desk, as long as the daily scanning tasks are not necessarily oriented, in a very high quality.

Driver Download Avision AV36 Scanner Installer
The Avision AV36 maximum resolution of the device is 600 dpi, a value that is sufficient for documents and also photos that are not to be printed beyond their original format or to be processed further in the case of photographs. The maximum document size, in turn, is 216 x 356 millimeters, which corresponds to the width of the A4 format. According to the manufacturer, the scanner also makes an effort to process the scan jobs it is playing at a fairly fast pace.

Avision AV-36 Driver Scanner Download
Avision AV36 Driver Download

Scanner Driver Avision AV36 Download
As an orientation value, Avision cites approximately 12 seconds for an A4 original in color at 300 dpi, a double-sided document is already digitized after 7.5 seconds per page. In the case of the 200 dpi, which is sufficient for ordinary text documents, the tempo even increases somewhat. Because the Avision AV36 scanner works with LEDs, it does not need a warm-up time, so the values ​​seem quite realistic. The straight feed also allows to scan in addition to sensitive photos also plastic originals such as ID cards or credit cards.

Driver Scanner Download Avision AV36
As with most on-the-go scanners, the Avision AV36 is powered by USB, while the LEDs guarantee that the scanner does not overload the battery pack of a notebook. The package also includes a software package, including Presto! Bizcard. All in all, the Avision is therefore recommended for use in the business environment which is also indicated by, for example, Amazon's estimated 215 euros for the entry scanner, which are clearly above the comparable devices for the wide market with less comfort.

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