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Brother PJ-622 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Brother PJ-622

Brother PJ-622 Printer Driver Download. The Brother PJ-622 printer can be used to produce B / W printers in A4 format or from a paper roll without the need for ink or toner. Instead, the device uses the thermal printing process, which requires only specialty paper. In the printing process, the thermal paper is heated and then blacks accordingly at the intended locations. The process is used, among other things, in bridge printers, since the technology can be accommodated in a small housing. Brother now uses this advantage and actually quite logically for the construction of a mobile printer, to which, above all, a requirement is placed: They should take as little space as possible. Specifically, the Brother PJ-622 as the name of the four-unit series, is only 255 times 30 by 55 millimeters, which takes the device for itself. On the scale, on the other hand, it takes just a pound.

Driver Download Brother PJ-622 Printer Installer
This Brother PJ-622 resolution of 203 x 200 pixels sounds extremely low, of course, but it is sufficient for clean prints in B & W and this Brother PJ-622 printer is not designed for graphics, but mainly for text prints that are printed on the road in the field. At interfaces, the mobile printer has USB as well as infrared (IrDA), via which it communicates with notebooks, PDAs or smartphones. Over the duration of the battery in turn, Brother has given no further details, but the comprehensive accessories also includes a charging adapter for the cigarette lighter as well as a mains adapter.

Brother PJ-622 Driver Printer Download
Brother PJ-622 Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother PJ-622 Download
The special paper, which is necessary for printing, cost just under 14 euro in the 100-pack (A4), so the page comes to 14 cents and not exactly cheap, but the device is also not intended for extensive print jobs. Alternatively, paper rolls can be ordered, six pieces of 15 meters can be ordered at 72 euros. Convenient: In an all-in-one box for 77 euros, printers, paper rolls as well as rechargeable batteries can be stowed away, and Brother offers a vehicle holder to secure the device securely in the car. The Brother PJ-622 thermal printer will be available from April, the basic price is between 450 and 500 Euro. If the various accessories are added, then a decent sum comes up quickly.

Driver Printer Download Brother PJ-622
The uncomplicated, low-pressure printing as well as the compactness, which is central to the target group (field service, service / service sector, for example forwarding companies), compensate to a certain extent. The HP OfficeJet 470 220 Euro, Amazon, a new model, the HP Officejet 100, is announced for May 2011, cost point: around 280 Euro, or if you need color printing and there is still no way around a mobile inkjet On the Canon Pixma iP100 225 euros in Amazon, to name only two prominent examples.

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