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Samsung CLP-510 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung CLP-510

Samsung CLP-510 Printer Driver Download. The Samsung CLP-510 delivered almost only good values ​​in the test, but costs about a third less than the best competition models. Because he leaves a relatively long time when printing, he lands in my top only in one of the last places. In Samsung CLP-510 text print, the extreme streup pixels interfere somewhat. At the very least, you can use the Samsung CLP-510 safely for applications or the diploma thesis. Also color prints succeed in quite good quality.

Driver Download Samsung CLP-510 Printer Installer
And because the Samsung CLP-510 works with a multi-pass printer, you can wait for color documents four times as long as a black-and-white print. A ten-page letter in color landed in the test after 112 seconds, in the black and white document I waited about 28 seconds. For a black and white page from standby, the Samsung printer needs 21 seconds because of the warm-up phase. Well for energy savers: The Samsung CLP-510 offers a proper switch.

Samsung CLP-510 Driver Printer Download

Samsung CLP-510 Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung CLP-510 Download
Duplex printing is possible as standard. The operation facilitates a display, which also displays error messages comprehensibly. The pressure drop can be adjusted by means of an extrat key. You can only connect the printer to the computer via USB, it does not provide a LAN interface. In terms of printing costs, the printer has a good 2.0 cents per text and 11.3 cents per color.

Driver Printer Download Samsung CLP-510
Annoying: The supplied cartridges are just for 3,000 black and white or 2,000 color pages. With full cartridges, the Samsung printer prints 7,000 black-and-white or 5,500 color pages. After all, it works relatively quietly: 2.5 Sone in standby and only 7.5 Sone in pressure do not interfere. The Samsung CLP-510 printer cartridges can be easily replaced without dirty fingers.

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