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Samsung ML-2851ND Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung ML-2851ND

Samsung ML-2851ND Printer Driver Download. So now I got the Samsung ML-2851ND. For a laser printer really small and mobile. Above all, it is really small, because it can print double-sided. Nor is it so ugly. Meanwhile, on my sideboard in the living room next to the TV. No many buttons and switches. So the Samsung ML-2851ND quality I find really very good. Everything you print is sharp. However, this was the first time. If you see a fine "zig-zag" with its print image, Just exchange it and then it should fit. I do not know what my first printer had. From about 30 pages all edges (also letters) were quite coarse and pixelated. The pixels were still sharp.

Driver Download Samsung ML-2851ND Printer Installer
The few hundred pages one can put into the Samsung ML-2851ND printer below is also sufficient. I personally found it always annoying with a conventional printer the paper always so funny stood out. If this is not the case, then the Samsung ML-2851ND printer does not work. I also like the fact that you can use toner for 7000 pages. This will last a long time. Unless you print a lot, since this printer is really very fast. I guess in 2 hours it could make the toner empty. The Samsung ML-2851ND is with me around the clock on. All print jobs are carefully processed. There is almost never a problem.

Samsung ML-2851ND Driver Printer Download
Samsung ML-2851ND Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ML-2851ND Download
For Mac OS X simply select the network printer and it works right away. The Samsung ML-2851ND printer is always detected immediately. Unfortunately, the Samsung ML-2851ND is only equipped with 32 MB of internal memory. If you want to print 300 pages with many diagrams, it usually looks not good. From page 80 onwards, an error message is spit out which reports that the memory is full. This can be corrected by retrofitting a super-low-cost 128 MB module. Unbeatable 100 euros. By the way, I have my Mac for 4 GB (!) RAM upgraded for less money.

Driver Printer Download Samsung ML-2851ND
But whatever. On the whole I am really very satisfied with this printer. I have been to this Samsung ML-2851ND for 3 years and he is cheap, economical, fast, quite nice and reliable. I am also really very surprised that the duplex function always works. Even after hundreds of pages. Not bad Samsung! Please keep in mind that you do not place a laser printer in the bedroom. The powder from the toner is harmful to your health and is released into the air when printing.

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