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Xerox Workcentre 4150 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Xerox Workcentre 4150

Xerox Workcentre 4150 Printer Driver Download. The Xerox Workcentre 4150 integrates copiers, scanners in one device. In the test the machine has to show whether it is suitable for larger working groups. Although multifunctional devices are incredibly handy, they are rarely found in larger networks. There are still copiers and network printers available as separate devices. Earlier approaches for professional turned out to be loose coupling of scanners and LAN laser laser printers and were simply too slow for the users. With the Workcentre 4150 , Xerox tries the other way and makes a copier networkable.

Driver Download Xerox Workcentre 4150 Printer Installer
The test of this Xerox Workcentre 4150 reaches the Real World Labs in Poing with a lush hardware. For the basic configuration of the 43-PPM printer, Xerox delivers three additional 500-sheet paper trays and a finisher with an integrated stapler. The Xerox Workcentre 4150 can not scan at first. This function does not belong to the basic equipment and requires an additional key. However, the user can also purchase it later and thus unlock the blocked services. At first glance, this Xerox Workcentre 4150 presents itself as a copier.

Xerox Workcentre 4150V Driver Printer Download
Xerox Workcentre 4150 Driver Download

Printer Driver Xerox Workcentre 4150V Download
The control panel presents the usual options. Both the scanner and the printer are capable of duplex printing so that two-sided originals can be duplicated as well. An integrated Ethernet interface brings the 4150 as a printer into the LAN. The web interface waits with the usual protocol settings. Client PCs can send PCL-6 or PS-3 data streams to the workcentre via LDR, IPP, or any of the outdated Netware, Apple, or Netbios protocols. The web interface gives the administrator access to the device settings.

Driver Printer Download Xerox Workcentre 4150
The Windows print drivers integrate a security feature. Each user can select their print job as "secured" and provide a numeric password. The 4150 printer will retain the expression until the user verifies the device by using the number. The Xerox Workcentre 4150 setup dialogs list the scanner options. You can set FTP, HTTP, or SMB destinations for storing the scan files. Different profiles control the scan settings. This includes the resolution, color or black-and-white scan, duplex, and the file destination on the file server.

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