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Canon Pixma G2500 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Canon Pixma G2500

Canon Pixma G2500 Printer Driver Download. If you want a printer with permanent ink supply from bottles, the new models Canon Pixma G1500, Canon Pixma G2500 and Canon Pixma G3500 might be interesting. However, according to current information, according to the latest information, it is only available in Eastern Europe. Whether or not they will be sold later in Western Europe is not yet clear. The machines with the huge ink tanks are worthwhile, because the printing costs per sheet are very favorable, as is also shown by the competing models of the Epson Ecotank series and the Inkbenefit Plus series by Brother. First of all, it is noticeable that the three new Pixma printers are very compact.

Driver Download Canon Pixma G2500 Printer Installer
While Epson's ink bottles in the external container provide increased space, Canon was inspired by Brother and installed the ink tanks inside the case. The place for the black pigment ink is on the left side. The bottle has a capacity of 135 milliliters and reaches a 5% coverage for around 6,000 pages. For cyan, magenta and yellow, dyetinten is used in bottles of 70 milliliters each. They offer a small advantage in the range compared with the competitors of Epson and Brother. The ink bottles are semi-transparent on the Canon Pixma G1500, G2500 and G3500 models, giving the user the opportunity to keep an overview of the current level at any time.

Canon Pixma G2500 Driver Printer Download
Canon Pixma G2500 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma G2500 Download
The new Ecotank printers from Canon also offer a plus for the print head. A video published in India shows that this can obviously be exchanged by the user. Whether it can be ordered as consumables has not yet been determined. In any case, it offers a droplet size of two picoliters, which is likely to be particularly noticeable in the quality of printed photos. The Canon Pixma G1500, G2500 and G3500 can deliver five color pages or 8.8 b / w pages per minute. This puts them behind the competition models of the Inkbenefit series from Brother.

Driver Printer Download Canon Pixma G2500
The Canon Pixma G1500 is a pure printer, while the Canon Pixma G2500 and G3500 models are designed as multifunction devices with scanning and copying function. However, the future users of the multifunctional devices will have to forego a fax function, a duplexer and an ADF. Also a paper cassette does not bring all three Canon Ecotank printers. The top model Canon Pixma G3500 has a built-in WLAN adapter as standard. You can also print jobs via Android and iOS. The direct connection to the PC is possible with all three models via a USB port.

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