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Kyocera FS-C2626MFP Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Kyocera FS-C2626

Kyocera FS-C2626 Printer Driver Download. The Kyocera FS-C2626MFP operating concept of the Kyocera machine is quite comparable with Xerox. In addition to the touch screen, the manufacturer also uses conventional function buttons. The range of functions is well dimensioned except for the paper supply. The Kyocera FS-C2626MFP 250-sheet cassette is simply too small for a device in this performance class. However, two 500-sheet cassettes can be retrofitted. From the pace, the machine is the slowest in almost all tasks. This is however due to the lower basic speed of 26 ppm. Nevertheless, the Kyocera machine was almost twice as fast as the Xerox model, which has a basic speed of 35 ppm. Kyocera can convince with low consequent costs for black and white and color and they are just over those of the Lexmark printer.

Driver Download Kyocera FS-C2626 Printer Installer
Compared to HP, Lexmark or Xerox, the exchange of consumables is not quite as easy. The toner cartridges must be inserted from above and previously the entire scanning unit should be folded backwards. For this, the cartridges are well sealed and there is hardly any toner leakage when changing. With Kyocera you have to use the toner from above. To do this, the Kyocera FS-C2626MFP scanning unit is tilted upwards as in the case of a bonnet. A retaining clip prevents everything from falling onto your hands when you change it. In order to release the lock, the scanning unit is lifted slightly again.

Kyocera FS-C2626 Driver Printer Download
Kyocera FS-C2626MFP Driver Download

Printer Driver Kyocera FS-C2626MFP Download
The exchange is a bit cumbersome, but clean and without toner residues possible. Two weeks ago I bought this printer privately on the recommendation of my purchasing department . It took me about a week to get it set up. The Kyocera FS-C2626MFP user manual 526 pages duplicate printed, folder for it created and all chapters with tabs. To send scanned documents to the PC, I would need a network cable, this I had to connect to a switch (at Saturn for 16.99). Fortunately, I would not need to install or configure the switch. Even though I have studied computer science, I still could not make a connection between PC and printer after a week. Printing and copying went without problems.

Driver Printer Download Kyocera FS-C2626MFP
After three evenings manual read and 2 evenings Google search, I have the towel and the hotline 01806/177 377 called (20 cents per call). Half an hour later, everything was done. I can even send my e-mail attachments directly from the printer without affecting the PC. I therefore advise anyone who wants to buy the Kyocera FS-C2626MFP to immediately call the hotline and not lose the time for the manual. I have already from the company a Kyocera printer, with which I can but only print and wanted therefore also again only a printer of this brand have. I am satisfied with the device so far and can recommend it.

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