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Samsung CJX1000 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung CJX1000

Samsung CJX1000 Printer Driver Download. The Samsung multifunction device CJX-1000 surprised me in many points. It is very easy to use and for basic functions like copying or printing photos is not even necessary to start a computer. Since it is very compact, it finds on my desk next to my computer well place. All controls are easy to reach, from the input and output trays to the scanner area, to the control panel and display. The Samsung CJX1000 assembly takes a few minutes and is easy to realize thanks to the step-by-step instructions. Fortunately, in my case was still a USB cable for connection to the computer, which unfortunately is not included in the delivery. I tested this Samsung CJX1000 under Windows 7 from laptop and PC, Mac OS 10.7, as well as on the operation on the display.

Driver Download Samsung CJX1000 Printer Installer
The Samsung CJX1000 installations on the various computers worked smoothly and the printer was immediately available in all applications. The device is controlled via the display or the supplied Samsung Print Manager, which offers various and diverse functions depending on the operating system. For example, the creation of the 3D photos, as well as the image processing is only possible under Windows, whereby I consider this as a nice addition to my actual requirements to the device. The Samsung CJX1000 operation both via display and via software is intuitive and without reading the manual.

Samsung CJX1000 Driver Printer Download

Samsung CJX1000 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Samsung CJX-1000
I'm less pleased with the fact that when I order the consumables on a site in the Far East, I want Samsung to record a statistics about the use of my printing behavior on this device and to transfer it on a regular basis. This setting must be explicitly set to "No". Samsung CJX1000 printing is fast, and both documents on paper and photos on photographic paper deliver a clean print and an appealing result. Two-sided printing is basically possible and is controlled by the software. The photos are crisp and the colors are actually powerful, clear and bright, as Samsung promises. The Samsung CJX1000 scanner is available quickly and without warm-up time and scans quickly. Automatic image capture works cleanly and saves multiple, scanned photos in separate files.

Download Driver Printer Samsung CJX-1000
I can save a scan in different types of files. I can even save multiple templates into a PDF file when I use the Print-Manager. However, if I scan with an open lid, such as when scanning a bookcovers, the image becomes streaky. The Samsung Color CJX-1000 is a great device with a very good value for money to buy. The ink cartridges are initially 90% (black) and 85% (colorful) filled, which I value as a great plus. The costs for ink and photo paper must be understood in advance. Print, scan and copy, the minimum requirements for the device and work simply and flawlessly, as it should be. Under these aspects unrestricted purchase recommendation!

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