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Samsung CLP-670ND Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung CLP-670ND

Samsung CLP-670ND Printer Driver Download. With the Samsung CLP-670ND tested, the testers at the Druckerschannel platform are satisfied: The printer is well received and praised above all for the following aspects: The standard integrated equipment based on the CLP-670 " thanks to its integrated network connection and duplex unit "Is not from bad parents, in addition to the features mentioned, the Samsung CLP-670ND but still has more to offer. This means that it can handle particularly heavy grades up to 220g / m², which is not the case for most color laser printers. The award with the Blue Angel is, of course, worth mentioning.

Driver Download Samsung CLP-670ND Printer Installer
A fairly big plus is, however, that the printing costs for color prints have halved almost the same as the previously criticized for the high price Samsung CLP-660ND. This is impressive in a very positive way. The included laser toners have ranges of about 2,500 (Black) and 2,000 pages (color). If these are empty, they can be replaced by equivalent toner cartridges, as an alternative, which is also more favorable at the bottom, are the double capacity toner cartridges , which are also available. Some criticism is the Samsung CLP-670ND that he does not have a sensor, which makes sure that the paper tray does not become too full.

Samsung CLP-670ND Driver Printer Download

Samsung CLP-670ND Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung CLP-670ND Download
This often results in paper jams, or the prints push each other to the edge of the storage bin until they finally crash and spread out on the floor. By default, the Samsung CLP-670ND printer has only a paper capacity of 350 sheets, which means that the problem just described should not occur. When using the optional expandable paper tray for up to 500 sheets, however, it becomes tight. No matter whether in the toner-saving mode, in the normal printing mode or in another printing mode: I am is enthusiastic about the printing quality of the color laser printer during text printing even if there are hardly any large differences between the individual printouts.

Driver Printer Download Samsung CLP-670ND
In terms of speed, the Samsung CLP-670ND is about 23 pages per minute, whether in black-and-white or color . This can certainly be seen. Otherwise, the one-year on-site warranty from Samsung. If you are interested, you can also read more directly in the review here. There you will also get a better overview of how the Samsung CLP-670ND strikes and positions itself in comparison to other models from its class.

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