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Samsung ML-2164 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung ML-2164

Samsung ML-2164 Printer Driver Download. I needed a printer for my first work in the second study, possibly a laser printer, so I do not have to run for every print of materials to the copy shop. I had looked at some reviews of this Samsung ML-2164 printer and ordered it. With Amazon Prime the printer was fast in my Packstation around the corner. Unpacked, driver CD inserted, printer connected via USB cable with the laptop, followed the steps of the program, test page printed, everything running. Overall, the installation process did not take 10 minutes, great.

Driver Download Samsung ML-2164 Printer Installer
The prints are perfectly fine and have a clean writing. The Samsung ML-2164 printer does not go wrong with me or prints otherwise as wrong. The print picture in the quality "normal" is enough for me. The original toner, which I basically only use, costs so around the 50 euros, but for the toner but then also about 1500 sides suffice. The fact that the toner is almost as expensive as a new printer has always been the case, even with my first inkjet printers. 

Samsung ML-2164 Driver Printer Download

Samsung ML-2164 Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ML-2164 Download
The Samsung ML-2164 printer does not develop an unpleasant odor. A brief addition: the printer is actually quite hot / hot when you print multiple pages. The paper feed is quite a catastrophe, you hardly get it with your fingers, since it is almost inside the printer, so it is very bad to adjust. Therefore, I'm not surprised that the printer prints at some wrong. As soon as the paper is empty and refilled, the Samsung ML-2164 printer does not simply print on, something annoying.

Driver Printer Download Samsung ML-2164
In addition, it prints only halfway straight, if you insert a whole stack of paper, then you can adjust the paper feed most easily. In addition, I find that the font is printed slightly pale, which can be much darker even darker, see. Due to the heat development and the poor paper supply 3 stars.

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