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Samsung ML-2240 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung ML-2240

Samsung ML-2240 Printer Driver Download. The printer is the Samsung ML-2240, which also belongs to the new season and offers from all the printers tested top speed of printing. However deny kinship with already tested by Xerox, which is also manufactured by Samsung. Inserting toner in this model front, after lifting the entire front, and the process is quite easy, also because of the long handle for which the toner can be grasped. The toner cartridge is composed of a toner cartridge and a drum, which is more expensive, but more practical option.

Driver Download Samsung ML-2240 Printer Installer
Samsung ML-2240 cartridge supplied with the printer has, as already mentioned, the capacity of only 700 pages, then a full-fledged 1500. Again, therefore, a comparison with previous models tested by Canon and HP, whose cartridges are of identical capacity. The Samsung ML-2240 is on the market only a short time, so it is not surprising that non-HP toner is not sold yet. The original is then compared to HP and Canon models a little more expensive, so the final cost or time are not the most positive.

Samsung ML-2240 Driver Printer Download
Samsung ML-2240 Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ML-2240 Download
The resulting price is CZK 0.90 / page which it is not the worst outcome of this test. Hopefully the manufacturer will quickly respond to competition and price accordingly. After the disappointment of the calculation of printing costs, I was wondering if the correct printer reputation in speed tests. Indicated reading 22 pages per minute promised that I would not be disappointed, and fortunately this value was also confirmed by measurements.

Driver Printer Download Samsung ML-2240
Although other values were among average but still decent value reached. Regarding noise, the printer was one of the worst, probably due to higher printing speeds, standby then was completely silent. The latest batch of tests is to evaluate print quality. For this test, I chose two resolution settings in 600 dpi and "Class of 1200 dpi," which is only slightly improved 600 dpi, as for this class usual. Therefore, between these modes can not expect big differences.

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