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Pantum P3010DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Pantum P3010DW

Pantum P3010DW Printer Driver Download. I had the Pantum P3010DW printer only at all not to get into the WLAN, and that is precisely why I ordered it. I know myself relatively well with facilities bez. Internet, WLAN, etc. But here I had no chance. Too bad, because the device made otherwise good impression on me, and over USB functioned the printer and scanner synonymous perfectly. Maybe it was also a Monday device. The return then went without problems. The Pantum P3010DW printer works without any major problems.

Driver Download Pantum P3010DW Printer Installer
The connection to the WLAN is as simple as with all printers but not very simple. Negative is the fact that the manual in the manual, that the toner cartridge can easily be filled up with replenisher toner (so described), without which toner is compatible is completely worthless. Alternatively you have to buy the relatively expensive new toner cartridge (46,90 €) or just experiment with another refill toner. I like this Pantum P3010DW printer of the design and processing very well.

Pantum P3010DW Driver Printer Download
Pantum P3010DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Pantum P3010DW Download
Defects: stripes in the picture. Whether the laser printer must be so is not known to me. Even after replacing the device and it is better but strips are still there. Because I print to 80% fonts, I can now live with it. Positive: shipping via Amazon and Pearl, even when replacing the device very good service! As far as okay, unfortunately via mobile phone and pad, only over W LAN app print possible. Something cumbersome since you have to connect the app from Pantum to W LAN, then save documents, then only print possible.

Driver Printer Download Pantum P3010DW
The description of the device for installation very poor for inexperienced difficult, therefore only 3 stars. Otherwise works device flawless, good printer results. The Pantum P3010DW printer makes for the price a decent impression, the processing is OK. Printing was possible with me only with a direct connection, the attempt to integrate the printer in my WLAN network, was unsuccessful, after 2 days I gave up and returned the printer to PEARL. A pity actually, because also the printing result could be seen.

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