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Pantum M6800FDW Driver Download

Pantum M6800FDW Free Driver Download

Pantum M6800FDW Printer Driver Download. A week after purchase and installation is very satisfied with the multifunction device. The Pantum M6800FDW quality of the prints and scans offers little room for criticism. Duplex printing also works. An interesting little thing: In the case of printers, the on / off button is often hidden or attached to the side. Depending on the installation location (eg in a corner) and frequency of switching on, then superfluous finger acrobatics can be necessary. Here is the button on the left of the main control panel. Simple and effective. The most important purchase argument for me was the integration by WLAN and relatively low printing costs: The device should be accessible for two PCs and at least one mobile device. Operating systems currently used are Windows 7 and Android. Traditionally, there is no USB cable, which I purchased elsewhere. First, the device can be prepared for WLAN operation using a cable.

Driver Download Pantum M6800FDW Printer Installer
This Pantum M6800FDW is in principle as a computer (client) in an existing WLAN integrated (so-called infrastructure mode). The access data such as the name of the network (SSID) and the passphrase are automatically taken from the operating system settings! Tested under Windows 7. Practically, if the passphrase is somewhat more complex than "123456" and one wants to do without WPS. During the setup process, the cable connection is later prompted. After a compulsory restart, the device is then installed both on the network and installed on the computer. For all other computers the device is now available in the WLAN and can be installed in a significantly shortened procedure without a cable connection! In the Android app on a tablet, I only tested the printing, which went perfectly. The configured (Windows) computers are available in the menu on the device and scans can be addressed directly to the desired computer.

Pantum M6800FDW Drivers Download
Pantum M6800FDW Driver Download

Printer Driver Pantum M6800FDW Download
This is, of course, only one way to set up the device at home. As an extremely simple I would not denote the establishment in my case, but the technical possibilities are present and well implemented and that is important. Similar to professional devices, many settings are accessible via the browser and the web interface. For example, the data of the WLAN connection. It is not unwise to visit the web interface at least once and assign a password. Otherwise, that could be done by any other curious user on the network. By accessing intimate settings of an output device, there is usually fun or sabotage potential. At least one comment is that the Pantum M6800FDW WLAN connection breaks as soon as the device switches to the idle state. At the present time. I can not observe the phenomenon. At different time settings. The status of the wireless connection is indicated by the WiFi button: lit continuously, ie the connection is set. The printing itself from the resting state also promptly. The problem was either solved or it was a defect or similar. Overall a top device!

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