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Pantum M7100DN Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Pantum M7100DN

Pantum M7100DN Printer Driver Download. How easy it is to save money and this, as the editorial thinks, also at the right end. For this edition, has sent two printers to the arena that are very similar in terms of print quality and equipment, but are quite different in price. I tested the mono laser printer Pantum M7100DN, which is marketed in world via the Pearl mail order, and finally issued a recommendation for the printer. The conclusion: "The Pearl printer Pantum M7100DN gave a good picture in my editorial team. It is very fast with a printing speed of 35 pages per minute and also achieves quite acceptable quality. This makes it ideal for office use. "Reason enough to face this printer with a Brother printer from the same performance class. Although this was not tested for quality, the editorial board assumes that the HL-L5200DW is in no way inferior to the Chinese Pantum-Printer, which is quite new on the world market. In this comparison, however, it should only be about prices and technical features. After the test of the Pantum M7100DN, I was looking for an alternative from one of the traditional manufacturers, which certainly belongs to Brother.

Driver Download Pantum M7100DN Printer Installer
The technical features, which the printer should have, were a minimum speed of 35 pages per minute, an automatic duplex function, WLAN functions and a possible paper stock of 1,000 pages. In addition, the printer had to be able to pull paper from three different magazines. Both the Brother HL-L5200DW and the Pantum M7100DN meet these requirements. There are, however, small differences: the Brother printer offers the somewhat better arguments in terms of basic speed, warranty and mobile printing, which the buyer has to pay however expensive. For example, the Brother printer, in combination with the full paper equipment (including two additional cartridges) costs just over 1,000 euros. The Pantum printer, on the other hand, has a similar price of just 629 euros. But this is not all: the most important consideration in the purchase of printers is still: What do the consumables cost? This is where the Pantum M7100DN is also clearly ahead. While the large toner cartridge for 10,000 pages (measured according to ISO / IEC 19752) is sufficient and costs 139.90 euros, the Brother customer must pay 131.99 euros for only 8,000 pages.

Pantum M7100DN Drivers Download
Pantum M7100DN Driver Download

Printer Driver Pantum M7100DN Download
In addition, the drum unit (DR-3400), which also needs to be changed after 50,000 pages and costs just 155 euros. This exchange is not necessary with the Pearl printer because the drum unit is already integrated into the toner cartridge. Expressed in cent, the Brother HL-5200DW costs 1.96 cents per page and the Pantum M7100DN only 1.40 cents. The small difference does not sound very high. However, I expected: If the printers for three years a month create about 3.500 pages, that costs the user when printing with the Brother product 2.469 euros. The user of the Pantum printer pays only 1,764 euros. This is 705 euros, which can be easily saved. The savings due to the much lower purchase price of the Pantum M7100DN comes to this. Both the Pantum M7100DN and the Brother alternative are technically best suited for the printing of the correspondence in the office and hardly differ. As far as costs are concerned, the buyer of the Pantum M7100DN is, however, clearly in the advantage, because the printing system costs with the equipment with two additional cassettes and a second toner filling around 400 euros less. In addition, the Pantum user also saves on the consumables, which are also a lot cheaper.

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