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Samsung Xpress C480FN Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Samsung Xpress C480FN

Samsung Xpress C480FN Printer Driver Download. Since my Canon inkjet multifunction printer unfortunately abandoned its spirit, I wanted to get away from ink. In the private area, where is not printed daily and once a ink tank dries up, ink seems to me permanently to consumption intensive. So I looked for a relatively small, handy color laser printer, which is suitable for the private sector. From the office I know these kind of printers mostly only as huge monsters.

With the Samsung Xpress C480FN you have an ideal solution. I was networked important, as well as the device should be able to scan and copy. Fax function is not necessary to me, since I already have a fax card in the PC, which is sufficient for my needs. If necessary, a document is first scanned and then faxed by PC. There is also the option with fax option. From the beginning, everything went perfectly with this printer. Both the delivery itself, as well as the erection, connecting and installing was completely problem-free.

Driver Download Samsung Xpress C480FN Printer Installer
At first, because of the WLAN, which I do not need at all, I always had a failure message that it was not available, which after some experimenting and experimentation in the settings has disappeared. The Samsung Xpress C480FN printer is now controlled via two PCs, two laptops and thanks to the APP via three smartphones for printing. It is indifferent whether you install the original software from the supplied CD or make the installation automatically via Window 10.

The Samsung Xpress C480FN printer goes into sleep mode after a certain time and can be brought back to life by a connected device via the network when a pressure application is issued. The easy-to-use EasyPrintManager (easy-to-use) software is easier to use (easier than before at Canon), copying is done just as easily with a normal copier, either in color or black and white. It is a bit annoying that you have to keep the lid constantly during the scanning of the copying machine.

Samsung Xpress C480FN Drivers Download
Samsung Xpress C480FN Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung Xpress C480FN Download
At the Canon, the lid remained independently tilted upwards, one could align its sheet and close the lid. This is so far the only negative point, because of which I have also removed a star. The fact that there is no automatic multi-sheet feed during scanning or copying does not really bother me. The Samsung Xpress C480FN toner consumption: I work according to estimated 250 - 300 printed sheets still with the toner cartridges of the initial equipment, which should contain however significantly less toner powder, than the original refill cartridges.

The toner level currently is about 40% in black, 80% in red and blue, and 60% in yellow. An original refill set I have ordered from an online merchant here from the area already already for the price of approx. 161 €. You should be able to print 1,500 sheets with a color per 1000 sheets. I'm curious. If I calculate all the dried ink cartridges from former times, which I have partly pumped through intensive and pressure head cleaning, without printing in the appropriate amount of sheets, I am exactly as expensive, or even cheaper. For dried printheads should now be a thing of the past.

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