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Canon Pixma MG7770 Driver Download

Canon Pixma MG7770 Free Driver Download

Canon Pixma MG7770 Printer Driver Download. The Canon Pixma MG7770 printer and scanner work very well and quickly. The quality should be even better than in the price class usual (Cypermondaypreis). I have even reduced the print quality somewhat to reduce the ink consumption without which I could have noticed a noticeable worsened print quality. But I believe the supplied printer cartridges only 30 - 50% are filled, in favor of Canon. If the cartridges were full, the printer would have a consumption which would be unacceptable and I would deduct directly a star. I'm waiting for what the new cartridges for page numbers reach and will then again express me. First, I do not take a star for it. The not full cartridges with it would not be unusual and the price I already rated. The Canon Pixma MG7770 price is now in the right direction and will settle at 129 € - 139 €. The ink consumption is low in expectation / time. This does not matter, because you will not get as good replacement cartridges so the printing costs compared to other printers (where you can use replacement cartridges) are higher.

Driver Download Canon Pixma MG7770 Printer Installer
Under Windows 7, there are no problems, with Windows 10 I have 2 times a small problem with Canon Network Scanner Selector EX. Praise to Canon, who frankly announces: Scan-to-cloud and scan-to-email is only available when using Canon original color. This means, apart from a significantly improved encryption of the cartridges, there are further efforts to make the use of replacement cartridges more difficult. This is legitimate, if one communicates it openly. So if you are using all features of the printer / scanner, or can find a versatile device. The cuts you have to expect I have already mentioned. I use a second printer for the "normal" things. The Canon Pixma MG7770 printer is in a corner and the size and design makes it perfect for us. Therefore 4 stars, apart from (as a single unit) rather only 3 stars. Perhaps Canon is still lowering the prices for the original cartridges.

Canon Pixma MG7770 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma MG7770 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG7770 Download
So, after a long time there were no more updates, I have now tried replacement cartridges. The danger is always that after an update nothing more goes. The replacement cartridges are easy to install and are recognized without error. The print quality is quite sufficient, if the same is the case with photos at 10x magnification or with the trained eye. Whether one could improve or compensate for this with another photographic paper, but I have not tried. With the replacement cartridges one can now reduce the printing costs considerably. This is less canons than the replacement cartridge industry. The cartridges I have tested come from Office World, also available at Amazon. The Canon Pixma MG7770 driver installation goes completely smoothly and quickly. The duck picture in black and white, graphics and photos is best, even CD and DVD will be great. The scanner delivers excellent results. The ability to use double-sized ink cartridges makes things a bit cheaper. The only disadvantage: the printer is not very quiet.

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