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Samsung ML-1666 Driver Download

Samsung ML-1666 Free Driver Download

Samsung ML-1666 Printer Driver Download. Samsung ML-1666 is a laser printer that looks wonderful. Scarcely more bulky than a shoebox, it is "the smallest laser printer in the world". It is a bonus with silent (49 dB they say), energy efficient (it is Energy Star certified) and quick to release pages, "without waiting." In addition to its impressive compactness, a point of ergonomics has spoken to us: it has a button " prints screen", as shown in the picture on the right. It's so original and functional, I've made a short video. See, a press and a page, monochrome obviously, in the same spirit, via a software provided this time, you can also print the tiles of your choice displayed on the screen, instead of the complete page. This is AnyWeb Print software. You select the desired zones, drop them in the order of your choice in the tool, and leave. It is simple, practical, intelligent and mine of nothing saves toner and paper! Even stronger, I can even do without printing this information, saving it in various formats, including the PDF. A printer that avoids printing: not bad! These good ideas make a small point of ergonomics to the small ML-1660, if not quite stripped. For the sake of compactness and economy, it is USB and that's it. There is neither Wi-Fi nor Ethernet, it is not double-sided or color.

Driver Download Samsung ML-1666 Printer Installer
It only has 8 MB of memory (send light documents, it will take longer if not) and it does not support the PCL or PS3 needed by some companies. It is of course monofunction (no scanner, no copier, no fax). Samsung ML-1666 promises 16 ppm and holds them. It is appreciated to find such a rate at such a low price. Especially as, as indicated in the right column, this micro printer is also quick to release its first page. This Samsung ML-1666 is a 600 dpi printer, not 1200 or 2400. So I was not expecting a miracle, but I was a bit wrong. It's a good 600 dpi actually! The gradations are well rendered, the tones are fairly faithful, the characters are well drawn and perfectly legible. Despite a detectable frame, as is always the case on 600 dpi printers, its outputs are perfectly exploitable in a professional, even demanding. The Samsung ML-1666 printer consumes 1.9 watt in standby, 368 watts working and then it rises to 51 dB. Samsung is therefore right: in addition to being fast, it is economical and silent. A conventional printer, the Lexmark E360dn for example, consumes 10 watts in standby, 550 watts during prints and at 55 dB, it was already quieter than the average.

Samsung ML-1666 Drivers Download
Samsung ML-1666 Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ML-1666 Download
One point may surprise you: the replacement cartridge is almost at the same price as the printer! Yes, but buying the printer rather than a new toner is a bad bet: the cartridge it contains is not full. This is a "toner boot", they say. As a result, it only gives a 700 page autonomy, instead of 1500. Once the news is full, it's bought at a cost of 3.7 cents. made more expensive laser, many being less than 3 cents. Now, a priori many of those who will buy this Samsung ML-1666 printer will use it occasionally, for short documents. 1500 pages of autonomy is already enormous in this case. However, the real output time of the first page is rather that of 20 seconds: often the printer goes out of standby. This is his most common condition. This time, 20 seconds is normal. What is already a good surprise: I might worry that a first-rate product is pushy, this Samsung ML-1666 is not! Here is a very good small model, ultra compact and stuffed with qualities! Put your note aside: I do not expect color, nor a copier, nor a cost to the record page on such a product. What counts is its responsiveness, the quality of its outputs, its compactness, its precision!

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