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Samsung ML-2245 Driver Download

Samsung ML-2245 Free Driver Download

Samsung ML-2245 Printer Driver Download. The Samsung ML-2245, the second-lowest model of the new line (ML-1640). Looks like a somewhat more square but still handsome device with a colorful design consisting of two darker gray shades. Some areas are then in a glossy finish, but fortunately, this is a gray shade where dust is hardly visible. Recessed and unobtrusive and it could be characterized as a new cheap laser from Samsung. Samsung ML-2245 uses the usual concept of a tilting input tray, a solution that saves space on your desk. It comes with the (open) cover of the Smoke Plexiglas Input Tray, which is not as elegant as Canon's, but at least a bit of paper protection. Even after full opening does not take much space, some competitors are even smaller. The Samsung ML-2245 control panel is economical as it is in this category, and consists of two diodes and a button. The main power switch is located on the back of the printer just above the power outlet (just like the Xerox model, which is actually just a sleeve for Samsung's older series).

Driver Download Samsung ML-2245 Printer Installer
Despite the simplicity, the control panel can not deny a certain elegance. And as with Xerox, the power and data slots are located on a protrusion on the back of the printer so the cables do not pull back and do not increase the depth of the printer. Data transfer is via USB 2.0, unfortunately only in full-speed version. The only port is the USB port, so do not expect any surprises in the printer box, only the installation CD with drivers and documentation, the power cord, and a quick installation guide. The supplied starter toner has a capacity of 700 pages (this starter capacity is expanding somewhat with new cheap lasers). Standard toner capacity is 1500 pages. There is still a summary of the technical parameters in the table and then I can look at the drivers. The Samsung ML-2245 printer is a small, handy and fast laser printer for the b / w text and graphics printing, which with a current price of around 89 euros does not leave any too conspicuous damage on the account statements.

Samsung ML-2245 Drivers Download
Samsung ML-2245 Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ML-2245 Download
Samsung ML-2245 designed to have a maximum print performance of 8,000 pages per month, it is likely to be particularly interesting for home users with a relatively high output of b/w printing, such as hard-working students or academics or smaller text offices. The printer is relatively fast to the point and according to the manufacturer delivers up to 22 A4 pages per minute. The resolution of the Samsung ML-2245 of 1,200 by 600 pixels should also guarantee pretty fine and clean graphic prints. The Samsung ML-2245 can be used on Windows, Mac OS or Linux PCs, the installation is relatively simple. There are 150 pages in the paper tray, 100 sheets in the output area and this is sufficient for daily use in most cases. The printer comes with a toner cartridge for 700 pages at the factory. Unfortunately, Samsung also practices this badge not to fill the toner completely when it is sold. The replacement cassettes, on the other hand, hold about 1,500 pages. As a more cost-effective alternative from Samsung to the Samsung ML-2245 is at the time of the ML-1640. The black Schoenling costs almost 30 euros less, but is also about a third slower than the 2245.

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