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Samsung ML-2951NDR Driver Download

Samsung ML-2951NDR Free Driver Download

Samsung ML-2951NDR Printer Driver Download. This Samsung ML-2951NDR can highly recommend. it is ideal for people looking for a compact but powerful device at a fair price. my search for a good printer was like an odyssey. My first device was a Samsung fw 3405th in itself a great device, only the pressure was oblique and the device produced by sharp-edged rolls clearly lines in the paper, correspondence with third useless. pity actually, this problem should have other entry level printers such as canon or hp, please read reviews here times. And my next device was a brother AIO with laser function, after the power on and print each time the fan annoying about 15 min, indiscutable, finger away! The third device was then this Samsung ML-2951NDR, this device does not show any print-on rollers and pulls the sheets straight thanks to the paper cassette and the print is laser-typical clean and sharp also does not smell very much.

Driver Download Samsung ML-2951NDR Printer Installer
The Samsung ML-2951NDR printer is covered with white foil, fits well to apple. the design is ok and Samsung ML-2951NDR driver the installation was easy via USB thanks to good software, the installation over the network via the wps button worked well and the direct connection laptop printers over WLAN did not work at first, why, I can not say. So, to the current consumption, I can not say anything, because me measuring devices are missing, the current are good. But, the criticism with regard to the paper feed I can not understand, single sheet folds wonderful, well it is missing a retractable prop. when inserting A4 paper juts behind the device the paper box a little out, does not bother me, but in folded-in condition the device is narrower, and it fits so even in my shelf, so has advantages and disadvantages. The Samsung ML-2951NDR USB cable has even been there. I can not understand the loudness of the loudspeaker. Because of the heat generated, laser printers are getting louder during the burn-in process.

Samsung ML-2951NDR Drivers Download
Samsung ML-2951NDR Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ML-2951NDR Download
I find the volume normal, not particularly quiet, but also not particularly loud, after expression inaudible, the people should times the brother hear, so since the device prints very well and the price-performance ratio, I give scarce 5 stars. The Samsung ML-2951NDR printer is connected via LAN to my WLAN router and thus can be accessed via WLAN easily. The built-in WLAN module also works without restrictions. The installation went absolutely smoothly and quickly. I print on Mac OS, Windows, Android (mobile, tablet) and this happens every time without any delays and without problems. The fact that the printer at the back part has an opening and thus the paper could dumb, is absolutely irrelevant for me. The printer convinces in all aspects above all the sound development. The printer can not be heard in standby mode! On the basis of some reviews, I can say that you can turn the printer off completely. Just hold the blue power button longer and the printer is down.

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