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Samsung SCX-3201G Driver Download

Samsung SCX-3201G Free Driver Download

Samsung SCX-3201G Printer Driver Download. After long deliberation and a few doubts, I decided to buy this Samsung SCX-3201G mono-laser multifunction printer. So far it has not disappointed me yet, but Samsung SCX-3201G could not really prove with me. But nevertheless, I would like to give my recession to pessimistic or cautious Amazon possibly make the decision easier. First of all: I am and was for years a Canon conviction. I came to nothing else but a Canon when it went to printers. Over the years, these devices have never let me down, but I have been slowing down on old-age releases. In addition, I was until recently still inkjet users. The current purchase was a venture on the other side and only a new brand and then another printing technology. To the problems often mentioned here, I can only say the following; The Samsung SCX-3201G paper tray too small, so does not work! So far I have not slipped down a sheet of it, as it was so often described here.

Driver Download Samsung SCX-3201G Printer Installer
The Samsung SCX-3201G is perfectly adequate. Too thin cover-lid at the scanner and can be seen one way or another. It's true, it's thin and fluttering a bit, but if you use a device as carefully as it should be, it does not matter if it is too thin. It is perfectly okay for normal use. The toner / printer odor. Although the first 3 - 4 sheets have a minimal metal odor, however, it is by no means as penetrating as sometimes described here and by far not so persistent. Disturbing roller prints on the paper, but not as exaggerated as described in some recensions. Only if you know it before and you look closely then you can vagerly see the roles. And that the paper is somewhat "wrinkled" is only because a laser printer works with heat and this is perfectly normal. With no laser, a piece of paper comes out as it has entered. And certainly not with such a price tip in the lowest price class.

Samsung SCX-3201G Drivers Download
Samsung SCX-3201G Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung SCX-3201G Download
The Samsung SCX-3201G has slow scanner, sometimes does not work at all! I do not know how high here some the latte lay but for private users and the normal use is the scanner really good. The resolution top and the speed in the high middle range. All this is rounded off with a really well implemented scan program. The connection of this Samsung SCX-3201G and the installation under Window XP ran without any problems within 15 minutes. Although I am, as I mentioned at the beginning, I must this Samsung so far praise in the highest tones. For the price you get really a clumped load of great technology, which works very well and provides a very good sharp print image. For a laser multifunctional device also compact in size (fits me easily under the desk) and with fast response capability. Between turn on and the first copy pass times to the 10 seconds. With and without computer. All in all: an absolute price-performance tip! Now print, scan and copy again fun.

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