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Brother HL-1211W Driver Download

Brother HL-1211W Driver Installer

Brother HL-1211W Printer Driver Download. With the integrated Wi-Fi connection, the Brother HL-1211W is the economical and convenient printing solution for home and small office users. Brother HL-1211W has a compact design, supports up to 2.400 x 600 dpi resolution and features built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for printing from mobile devices such as laptops, iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Advantage: Convenient Wi-Fi connectivity for printing from mobile devices. Disadvantages: The quality of graphics is not good. The first impression of the Brother HL-1211W monochrome printer model for Test Labs is that it's a lightweight, compact design that fits into the limited work space. This machine is 340x238x189 mm and weighs only 4.6 kg including the cartridge. The paper tray has a capacity of up to 150 sheets (supporting paper weighing from 65g - 105g / m2) while the paper tray with a capacity of 50 sheets is on the top. However, due to the front-loading design of the cover, users should note that the layout leaves a reasonable amount of desk space available. Because of its unique printing capabilities, the HL-1211W features simple controls including a power button and a Wi-Fi network connection button, along with two signal lights on the front. The design of the power button in front of the Test Lab is more convenient for the user to operate, without having to lean back to the machine to turn it off like some other printers. Meanwhile, integrated Wi-Fi connection is also a "plus" for this model HL-1211W printer.

Driver Download Brother HL-1211W Printer Installer
The Wi-Fi button on the front panel makes it easy for people to connect to a local wireless network in a single, simple and easy way, even for non-technical users. Besides the ability to print over Wi-Fi network, the machine only equipped with a single USB port to connect to the computer. The cartridge compartment is designed so that it can be easily replaced. During testing, Test Lab can quickly configure and connect to an office Wi-Fi network using this button and then print from devices such as laptops, iPhone or iPad with ease. However, for PCs that want to print over Wi-Fi, they require the manufacturer to provide the same driver as if they were connecting to a USB port. Meanwhile, for iOS and Android mobile devices, Brother offers iPrint & Scan for direct printing without the need for Brother HL-1211W drivers. The Brother iPrint & Scan 3.8.1, which the Test Lab tests on the iPad, adds print capabilities from popular cloud services like iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneDrive, to help users quickly print documents, images. Pictures directly from these online repositories without having to download them. In addition, the application also allows printing from other sources such as Photo Gallery on the machine, printing from the website or printing documents from iTunes. The Brother HL-1211W supports black and white printing at up to 2,400 x 600 dpi resolution at 300 dpi, 600 dpi and HQ 1200 print quality.

Brother HL-1211W Drivers Download
Brother HL-1211W Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother HL-1211W Download
In general, the HL-1211W appears to have a strong print capability. The text is more than with graphical printouts. In the text-to-speech tests, the machine yields consistent text quality, clarity and hardly distinguishable at all three levels of print quality. Meanwhile, black and white graphics with fine details, but not really satisfy the Test Lab team because of the presence of particles at the lowest quality level of 300 dpi and striped in. All 3 levels of quality support. This HL-1211W has superior strength in text prints than graphical or printouts. In terms of speed, the Brother HL-1211W offers relatively fast print speeds in both text and graphics printing. According to the manufacturer's announcement, this model has a print speed of up to 20 pages per minute and about 10 seconds for the first page. Brother HL-1211W graphics quality is not excellent, also stripe condition. The test at Test Lab shows the results are quite similar to the company's announcement. Specifically, text at 300 dpi minimum resolution takes about 11 seconds per page while printing at two higher quality levels also takes about 1 second. Meanwhile, testing a graphic table at 300 dpi resolution took about 12 seconds to complete, while 600 dpi and HQ 1200 resolutions took 14 seconds. Results of Brother HL-1211W print speed. In summary, although the graphical quality is not excellent, but with the convenience of printing over a Wi-Fi network along with the cheap ink cartridge design, the Brother HL-1211W printer is definitely a worthwhile option. for users who need mobile printing and saving.

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