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Canon Pixma MG7170 Driver Download

Canon Pixma MG7170 Driver Installer

Canon Pixma MG7170 Printer Driver Download. One of the main reasons why I eventually turned away from printers in general: You could assume that the Canon Pixma MG7170 drivers, the commissioning or the installation will somehow cause problems. The less desire I had exactly on this point. Printer switched on, Setup clicked through on the integrated display, cartridges inserted, supplied sheet for calibration and ready. Next time the printer was taken to the WIFI. Also thanks to touchscreen no problem at all. On the Mac OS X looking for a new printer on the network, the printer is instantly found and instantly installed on its own. No intervention of the user necessary. And even on a Window 7 computer, the installation was also possible without the user. In less than 20 minutes from slicing the box to the first print! I have lot experienced such a simple installation and setup on a Canon printer. It may be that this is standard today.

Driver Download Canon Pixma MG7170 Printer Installer
My experiences come from 3-4 years ago and other brands and it looked different. It was refreshingly easy and uncomplicated. That's how it should be! The Canon Pixma MG7170 quality and speed convinced! If the printer literally spits out a text document within a few seconds (15 pages / minute in b/w), Canon Pixma MG7170 will spend a little more time on a Din A4 photo print. That was granted him, because the subsequent quality convinced! So I have the pressure on 3 different Canon papers examined. From the cheaper Photo Paper Plus Glossy II ** over the dull Luster paper ** up to the 300g / m² Pro Platinum ** and all 3 results convinced completely. Somewhat plumb I would describe the difference between the 3 papers so that the chandelier has a matte finish and the plus Glossy II and the Pro Platinum each have a glossy surface. The two Glossy papers are also different in weight (260g / m² to 300g / m²) and the Pro Platinum has a purer self-white compared to the Plus Glossy II. But this is really only noticeable in direct comparison.

Canon Pixma MG7170 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma MG7170 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG7170 Download
What was really cool solved,  this Canon Pixma MG7170 printer is turned off and closed and you push via LAN an expression on, not only does the printer wake up from standby by itself, it also opens all necessary flaps independently and prints. So you do not have to go to the office to get the Canon Pixma MG7170 printer up and running. I'm excited! From the simple and clean design to the absolutely easy start-up, the features as well as the versatility and the yet affordable price. Because the multifunction printer Pixma MG7170 costs just 160, - EUR ** street price (EPP 199, -). A complete set of original ink (all 6 cartridges) 45, - EUR, of course you can buy the cartridges individually if required. And last but not least, the printing speed and quality fits! Again, you will not be disappointed and can keep up in terms of print quality with the usual photo lab prints without any problems and often exceed them. My station wagon now looks like this. For photos in 10 × 15 format I still take the small inkless Selphy 900 and for DinA4 prints I will no longer resort to online service, but make them directly at home with the Pixma MG7170 printer. Now I still need a solution for A3+.

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