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Canon Pixma MX377 Driver Download

Canon Pixma MX377 Driver Installer

Canon Pixma MX377 Printer Driver Download. I bought this Canon Pixma MX377 printer because of the low price for my studies, which lasted 4 years. The printer makes a very compact impression. It prints very fast but sometimes has a small offset in the print image. I have once copied in 200 pages. The side feeder works precisely and reliably. After about 100 pages in continuous operation, this Canon Pixma MX377 printer was a bit slower. Let cool briefly and he went back to normal fast. I have always used only original cartridges. Now the printer has survived the whole study and still works perfectly. Think that I have printed about 2500 pages. Partially on photo paper and foil. Everything with great results. It is also canceled or something similar.

Driver Download Canon Pixma MX377 Printer Installer
The supplied software is sufficient but I always used the printer without any software via the Windows 7 drivers. This is easy even when scanning. The only drawback is the unlit display. In poorly lit corners is not much to recognize. This Canon Pixma MX377 is an all-in-one printer / scanner has been with us for 4 years without even a single problem. Mechanically, too, everything is solid. I've had this printer for 3 years now (come now for review) and I'm completely satisfied, and the scanners, copiers and printers all work very well. The cartridges are a bit expensive but the print quality is very good. Still prints and copies reliably. Unfortunately, when scanning the very intrusive software in the way. Works rarely or not at all. The software is very comprehensive and is very intrusive and stubborn.

Canon Pixma MX377 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma MX377 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma MX377 Download
I've already cleaned up, but I'm still very much on the PC represented. Either operator error? I do not care, it works for 4 years. So I am completely satisfied, I always close everything so that the ink does not dry quickly and can print and scan as I would like. I'm very happy with this Canon Pixma MX377 printer. It works fine, but with the operation it hapert something. Just do not get it out to print pictures in the specified size. But rather a user problem. Something difficult to understand. Overall the Canon Pixma MX377 is fast, efficient, ideal for the home office. I used both scanner and printer. Works great, needs regular color. I let myself be tempted to this purchase. But this device can not reach the MX 320 by far. So Canon as a scanner, but the MX320! Print with hp, because of the cost. Conclusion: The printer Canon Pixma MX377 is not only visually beautiful, but also handy easy-to-use MFC. I am satisfied with the print quality and the function so far.

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