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HP DeskJet 3733 Driver Download

HP DeskJet 3733 Driver Installer

HP DeskJet 3733 Printer Driver Download. According to the manufacturer, it is said to be the smallest member of the group of multifunctional devices: in fact, the HP Deskjet 3733 printer, together with its 3720 and 3730 version counterparts, is one of the handy and, with a weight of 2.3 kilograms, extremely light examples of its product category. Nevertheless, the entry-level model with high follow up costs during operation is difficult to find. The technical performance is geared to the requirements of private work environments and is more suitable for a wide range of tasks than for a large volume of work. In addition to the color printing of photos and documents, the three-in-one device also handles scan and copy jobs. In a space-constrained environment, wireless Wi-Fi connectivity allows for flexible positioning. The HP DeskJet 3733 multifunctional printer owes its light construction, among other things, to the special functioning of the scanner. Similar to the fax machine or the portable scanner, a single scan line is used. The original is retracted via rollers similar to an ADF module and imaged with an optical resolution of up to 600 x 600 dpi.

Driver Download HP DeskJet 3733 Printer Installer
The HP DeskJet 3733 printing unit works with a depth of detail of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and achieves photo printing on proprietary special paper with software support of up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi. At a slow pace, you can create up to eight black-and-white or 5.5 color pages per minute. The copier adapts to the generally low speed of operation and, at a resolution of 300 x 300 dpi, maps a maximum of four black and white or 2.5 color originals. The US manufacturer Hewlett-Packard has launched the ostensibly smallest model among the three-in-one inkjet printers at the beginning of the year 2017 and the online trade requires 50 to 60 euros for the delivery to the end customer. According to the calculations of the print cost analysis, the low initial investment entails very high follow-up costs, so that the color print of an A4 page averages 17.3 cents. The device should thus pay only in environments with very low workload and otherwise, for example, offers a much more economical competitor of Canon as an alternative.

HP DeskJet 3733 Drivers Download
HP DeskJet 3733 Driver Download

Printer Driver HP DeskJet 3733 Download
This HP DeskJet 3733 printer is only available in white with different accent colors. The fact alone is worth 1 star deduction. Who cares about the accents when the product is always white. This is not a deal breaker, but annoying for people with a lot of black electronics in the home. Finally, the drivers remain under Linux. At least there are some. But these are rather cumbersome to relate. Ubuntu users may know the term PPA. Of course, this does not exist for HP drivers. This all sounds very negative, but otherwise the printer is how you imagine such a device for seductive low price. Overall the HP DeskJet 3733 is a nice little printer with a nice look. Do absolutely what it should. Not suitable for people who do a lot of scanning and copying because this feeding of the leaves is a bit unfavorable. The HP DeskJet 3733 driver installation was very simple and offered no problems. I have the printer once for the home network installed (WLAN) and on the way via USB. Both outstanding possible. This HP DeskJet 3733 printer was originally packed and also sealed in foil. Printer cartridges (HP304) and everything else that should be there was also in its original packaging. The printer itself: small and handy. Excellent for traveling. It prints at a reasonable speed both B/W and in color. For this size and price absolutely fine and recommended. I will still try to operate the printer via a voltage converter (12V to 220V) on the go. But should also have no problems. Feedback is yet to come.

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