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HP Photosmart C309g Driver Download

HP Photosmart C309g Free Driver Download

HP Photosmart C309g Printer Driver Download. Anyone who is already spending significantly more than 100 euros on a multifunction printer is right with the Photosmart Premium C309g, at least in almost all respects. For while he delivered in the test labs in the magazines "c't" and "PC practice" completed tests in text print "first-class" ("PC practice") results, criticized in particular "c't" the poor scan results of the printer , For photographers, according to the trade magazine, the scans are "almost unusable" bright pixels on high-contrast edges, massive stripes in black image areas and sharpened contours are in detail the flaws that "c't" complains. Surprisingly, in the review of "PC practice" of nothing to read, and also the testimonials from users on the Internet give the impression that the scan unit of the Photosmart Premium C309g is not to complain about, that they even produce very good results.

Driver Download HP Photosmart C309g Printer Installer
However, the two magazines are in agreement that the scanning unit works very fast. Incidentally, both the profit testers and the users agree on the very simple and comfortable handling of the Photosmart Premium C309g, the large touchscreen seems to be one of the big advantages of the multifunction printer. Further equipment highlights include, for example, the duplex printing and the option of being able to print directly via WLAN and Bluetooth and especially smartphone owners cheer on this feature. The question of the quality of the scanning unit of the Photosmart C309g is, so the state of things at the moment at least, unfortunately, not yet completely clear. In all other respects, however, it is certainly not wrong to give a buy recommendation for the multifunction printer.

HP Photosmart C309g Drivers Download
HP Photosmart C309g Driver Download

Printer Driver HP Photosmart Premium C309g Download
And probably another test soon clarifies the scan question. Overall this HP Photosmart C309g is a top printer. All functions are flawless. Installation on Mac Os X in about 10 minutes. Not only a really good printer, which also looks very nice. The HP Photosmart C309g setup via WLAN was very easy, as well as the operation of the touch screen. Full buy recommendation. So I wanted to get rid of all cables in my room. I had 2 devices each with 2 cables (printer and scanner separated). After a long search, I landed back at HP and also find the print quality outstanding. Use the printer mainly for my skirts or letters. It's great that I can copy without a Mac OS X. Scan synonymous, but then the picture is stored in different ways is TOP! (Card reader or USB stick) What bothers me, however, is that the printer in the WLAN network reacts slowly and sometimes pauses when printing, as if the signals were still in the air. I hope that stops with an update. Everything else is OK!

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