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HP DeskJet 3721 Driver Download

HP DeskJet 3721 Driver

HP DeskJet 3721 Printer Driver Download. The HP DeskJet 3721 printer size is super awesome. Furthermore, I was very surprised how quietly he prints. The print results are excellent no matter if scan or normal print. Also prints photos are great. I find it convenient that the printer can be controlled via the mobile phone and so pictures etc. can be printed out. All in all a successful product. I am really excited and very satisfied. I can only recommend the printer. HP DeskJet 3721 benefits: Print quality, setup, speed, dimension, ink consumption, copying without external device, app connection, AirPrint, WLAN. Disadvantages: Paper Feed, Only Scan and Copy Sheets. A great device for those who are looking for a portable printer, scanner and copier for mobile devices (smartphone tablet) and normal computers. Setting up printing on iOS is a breeze, a real computer is not needed. Just download the HP app and follow the instructions. The printer was then recognized by all devices (iMac and Windows Notebook) on the network.

Driver Download HP DeskJet 3721 Printer Installer
The HP DeskJet 3721 print quality is excellent for a device in the price range. The device can be used to print pictures. The device can be used to copy and scan individual pages. Since the sheets are fed, unfortunately, no book pages can be copied. The copying of the pages can be done without an external device. Simply insert a sheet and press the corresponding button on the printer. The only negative is in my opinion the holder for the paper. This is something very simple in construction and wobbles clearly in my case. Has no influence on the collection of pages. The inkjet printer is ideal for anyone who regularly prints a few pages. It is super-compact, takes up little space and is also quickly cleared away. The Deskjet 3721 is a miniature multifunction printer. It prints, copies and scans, yet its dimensions are compact.

HP DeskJet 3721 Drivers Download
HP DeskJet 3721 Driver Download

Printer Driver HP DeskJet 3721 Download
The reason for this is the specially installed scanner unit. She sits on top and scans the sheet with a feeder. Unfortunately, you have to insert the templates individually. This is a compromise for the all-rounder, which measures just 40 x 18 x 14 cm. Due to the ultra-compact design, the model is aimed, for example, at students and private users, who regularly print only a few pages. The inkjet printer, which also prints photo paper (10 x 13), does not really need a fixed stand. HP DeskJet 3721 is quickly set up and put away again. The print data comes via WLAN. There are two possibilities here: Either the printer builds its own radio network into which each terminal can log in for printing. Or you can integrate the deskjet into the in-house WLAN. In both cases, the device is ready to print within a few minutes. For smartphones and tablets, HP offers its own app. In addition, photos can be printed directly from Facebook or Instagram. At speed, the mini-format takes its toll. Text pages spits out the HP ten (B/W) or eight (color) per minute. If you rarely print a few pages anyway, you should be able to get over it.

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