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HP Deskjet 3790 Driver Download

HP Deskjet 3790 Driver

HP Deskjet 3790 Printer Driver Download. This HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3790 Benefits: Print quality, setup, speed, dimension, ink consumption, copying without external device, app connection, AirPrint, WLAN. Disadvantages: Paper Feed, Only Scan and Copy Sheets. A great device for those who are looking for a portable printer, scanner and copier for mobile devices (smartphone tablet) and normal computers. Setting up printing on iOS is a breeze, a real computer is not needed. Just download the HP app and follow the instructions. The printer was then recognized by all devices (iMac and Windows Notebook) on the network. The HP Deskjet 3790 print quality is excellent for a device in the price range. The device can be used to print pictures. This HP Deskjet 3790 can be used to copy and scan individual pages. Since the sheets are fed, unfortunately, no book pages can be copied. The copying of the pages can be done without an external device. Simply insert a sheet and press the corresponding button on the printer. The only negative is in my opinion the holder for the paper. This is something very simple in construction and wobbles clearly in my case. It has no influence on the collection of pages. When the printer arrived, I was amazed how small it really is. HP Deskjet 3790 looks fancy and is processed well enough for the price range.

Driver Download HP Deskjet 3790 Printer Installer
The HP Deskjet 3790 printer was connected to the PC with the included USB cable and connected to the power. Subsequently, the two cartridges, black and a combination cartridge for the three colors were used. The printer was automatically detected under Windows 7 and worked flawlessly from the first minute. Prints on plain paper were printed in very good quality and fast. Since the printer also includes 5 sheets of photo paper, I also tested the photo print. However, this was not to my satisfaction, as large monochrome areas have clearly visible stripes. Then I integrated the printer into the W-LAN, which was very easy thanks to the enclosed well-illustrated manual and works without additional software. The print result remained the same, only the response time was extended slightly because of the transfer. A special service from HP is that you can complete an ink subscription when you register the printer online, with the printer automatically ordering ink when it is running low. In addition, the printer gets a @hpeprint address, which makes it possible to send mails to the printer, which will then be printed including any attachments if the printer is turned on. This seems especially handy, because you can print with your mobile phone, for example, without having to set up the printer on the device (if at all possible).

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3790 Drivers Download
HP Deskjet 3790 Driver Download

Printer Driver HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3790 Download
The number of senders can be restricted, so that not just "everyone" can print, but only specified senders. The HP Deskjet 3790 scanning function works perfectly with the included software. However, it should be kept in mind that there is only one indent for single pages, so it is not possible to create a scan preview and then configure it for the actual scan, as is the case with a flatbed. Also, no books can be scanned or multiple pages can be inserted at once. For occasional scanning or copying of documents, it is quite sufficient. The scan result leaves nothing to be desired, everything is easy to recognize. In practice, the function whereby the program recognizes the page size to be scanned itself, so there are no margins in a PDF. This worked flawlessly in the test with different formats. All in all, it can be summarized that the HP Deskjet 3790 printer is well suited if you only occasionally need to print documents. For multi-purpose printers, it is certainly not suitable due to the relatively small capacity of the paper tray. By connecting via WLAN, it is possible to stow the printer somewhere and only connect if you actually want to print something or scan, since only electricity is needed. This also allows a remote location from the desktop PC and enables wireless printing from the laptop.

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