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Samsung ML-2581N Driver Download

Samsung ML-2581N Driver

Samsung ML-2581N Printer Driver Download. The black and white laser printer Samsung ML-2581N is a low-cost printer for home and office work. Thanks to an integrated network interface, the Samsung ML-2581N can also be quickly integrated into a small network. Due to its compact design (floor space 36 x 36 centimeters), the Samsung ML-2581N occupies only a small amount of space on the desk. The fully recessed paper cassette of the Samsung ML-2581N also contributes to this. The Samsung ML-2580N is nominally specified as a 28-page printer. The Samsung ML-2581N did not reach this high page number in my speed tests. The maximum speed of the printer was around 21 pages per minute for pure text printing. However, this speed is completely sufficient for its application in the workplace and in small networks. Our PDF test file managed the Samsung ML-2581N neatly with just under 4 pages per minute. Overall, the Samsung ML-2581N showed a very good print quality in relation to the price, the print quality is even outstanding.

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The texts brought the Samsung ML-2581N absolutely clean and without toner splashes or frayed letter edges on the paper. Graphics and photos were provided by the laser printer with a very fine grid, streak-free and differentiated resolved down to the darkest areas. The Samsung ML-2581N offers convincing features for its price. Striking is the unusually high capacity of the paper cassette of 250 sheets in this device class. Another unusual feature is the Postscript 3 emulation that is standard in the Samsung ML-2581N. The memory of 32 MB is not expandable. The Samsung ML-2581N consumed up to 770 watts during peak printing - that's a lot. In standby mode, the power consumption is an acceptable 5.7 watts. The power switch does not completely disconnect the Samsung ML-2581N from the mains, but the consumption of 0.5 watts is very low.

Samsung ML-2581N Drivers Download
Samsung ML-2581N Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ML-2581N Download
With the large 5000-sheet toner cartridge, the page price of the Samsung ML-2581N is a little bit higher at 2.3 cents per page. With the smaller 2000-page cartridge it rises to an expensive 3.3 cents. The black and white laser printer Samsung ML-2581N is a low-cost printer for work and small private networks. For the printing speed is sufficient. Highlight of the Samsung ML-2581N is its excellent print quality. The equipment of the laser printer is also above average for this price range. For example, the Samsung ML-2581N has Postscript 3 emulation by default. The Samsung ML-1640 convinces with a good to very good print quality. Its printing speed is completely sufficient for the application in the workplace. The Samsung ML-1640 in a compact black plastic housing consumes little power and works quietly. Shortcoming of the black-and-white laser printer is its rather high page price of around 4 cents.

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