Friday, October 5, 2018

Brother DCP-L2552DN Driver Download

Brother DCP-L2552DN Printer Driver Download. The satisfaction of course has a lot to do with the purpose. For example, I'm not interested in the PC software at all and I would not buy a stationary printer with WLAN. Condition number 1 was the LAN socket. Commissioning without reading the manual, first copy 10 minutes after unpacking, then LAN cable into the socket, the usual Brother App (IOS) has recognized the printer immediately, status query ok, a color scan ok, a document print ok. Then for me a novelty: Airprint directly from the GMX Mailapp, fabulous progress to previous circumstances, duplex printing very well.

Only the duplex printing with multi-page copies by indentation, I have not yet done and I need it but still a guide. Duplex / ADF does not have this printer type, I knew that when I bought it. But what do you expect for just € 143 including Prime Shipping yet everything? The criticism of the volume, I can not understand. My Brother DCP-L2552DN is very quiet and quiet after only a short time in standby with only 0.9W consumption (with Wi-Fi the printer in 5 years alone would cost 60 € of electricity only for it).

Driver Download Brother DCP-L2552DN Printer
The Brother DCP-L2552DN WLAN installation was very easy. You activate WPS on your router and press the W-LAN symbol on the printer for approx. 3 seconds. Routers and printers found each other pretty quickly. If you have Windows 10, the printer driver is automatically loaded from the Microsoft server. That is not optimal! So uninstall this driver and install the enclosed installation CD. Finished.

Note to @Brother:
There are fewer and fewer computers that have a CD / DVD drive. But all have USB. Maybe a USB stick with the installation file would be more customer-oriented? What is absolutely great is that the text is recognized by documents. What I did not find, or what does not exist, is the automatic document size adjustment. For example, you put a receipt in the scanner and only the document is recorded. For me, A4 is always scanned.

Brother DCP-L2552DN Drivers Download
Brother DCP-L2552DN Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother DCP-L2552DN Download
Otherwise, the print image and the scanner result is very good. I do not use the fax, because I send faxes directly from the computer. Another thing about the Brother brand. I have been using Brother MFC for a while. In one store about 1,000 sheets / week were printed. The Brother DCP-L2552DN printer does this job without complaining, but it is not an industrial printer. The wear on the toner is quite large and we have the Brother MFC always failed shortly after the warranty. But that is probably normal now. The planned obsolescence is now in almost every device.

But who prints only about 1,000 sheets in 1/2 year, will be happy with the device. Unfortunately, I do not know where the planned obsolescence in the printer starts. Is it after page number, age, or toner change? no idea. Overall the Brother DCP-L2552DN printer pleases and does what he should. However, the supplied toner was empty after 50 pages. I am not able to just replace the toner, now I have to wait for the new delivery of the complete set, remove the toner cartridge and send the new printer with the empty cartridge. Nobody understands that.


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