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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Epson L550 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Epson L550

Epson L550 Printer Driver Download. Its at present precisely 1 365 days 18 days of receiving the Epson Printer. The printer fabric used is of unhealthy pleasant. The Prints mentioned getting traces while printing and crimson color used to be no longer printing. It was once simply 10 days after the guarantee received over (as per billing date, as per receipt date the guarantee would had been on) the service core experiences the print head desires to be transformed costing 5200 rupees along side supplier fees and labor. That fifty% of the printer price. All that harp of saving money on printing is lengthy long past. Printer being low best material and restore core no longer knowledgeable to solve the issues made me pay for the printer. IT was an exceedingly unhealthy experience.

Driver Download Epson L550 Installer
I've been utilising this product for a 12 months now. I ve taken over 1500 prints. A mixture of colour and black and white. I ve not confronted a single paper jam unless date. (I ve used other printers and this is sort of a miracle to me). There may be nonetheless 75% colour ink and 30% black ink left. The scanner is excellent. Despite the fact that I had now not used colour printing for over three months the excellent hasn't lowered. A nice purchase. At round 17000 initial funding is also excessive nevertheless it's most compatible for a small administrative middle the position you don't have got to fear about high cartridge charges. Complete a simply correct product.

Epson L550 Drivers Download
Epson L550 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson L550 Download for Window/Mac/Linux
Very high-quality printer in all factors,.Highly encouraged for purchase, printing best is much better then professional sequence(HP) but slow in printing job; compensate to high-exceptional nice of print even actual H.D. Images are very great in print but it no longer manufactured for printing pics. Very useful and easy to use printer. Print satisfactory is excellent and consumes much much less ink. This printer is reasonably price-effective and speedy too and does now not involves with quality.

Driver Printer Epson L550 Download
All you want is to effectively recognize the settings as per your requirement and it wont will let you down. One essential aspect is that the environment that i've urged you is fast and its great used for printing black and white prints as your laser printers do. Even as the print pleasant is excellent, the printer used to be incompatible with our D-hyperlink router. So we could not join it to the community and had to make use of it by way of USB. Very painful. Epson purchaser carrier reps visited us several occasions but came to the conclusion that they might do nothing!


Epson L810 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Epson L810

Epson L810 Printer Driver Download. The only crisis with this Epson L810 printer is that it have to be assembled after being taken out of the area and the ink tank crammed which probably a assignment for non-techno savvy men and women. Without problems ensure you may have got an skilled printer technician accumulate it for you and consultant you on ways to fill the ink tank and you might be first-class to head. Excellent product for dwelling printing! Tremendously advocated!

Driver Download Epson L810 Installer
Yes I purchased this product for my place of job use. Its a first-class product for my position of work use & my wants are fulfilled. That's the best printer for my residence administrative middle. The final result are best and the printing speed may be very legit. First of all I had issues after placing in the printer, gave a name to Epson name centre and the grievance was attended the very next day. The ink bottles are very rate amazing in assessment with the fee of the Cartridges, i used to be deciding to buy my last printer. Now the youngsters can take as many colour prints as they want, without giving me a immoderate BP.

Epson L810 Driver Installer Download
Epson L810 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson L810 Download for Window/Mac/Linux
Making use of it for greater than a year. Quality product. Print B&W + colour, Scan, replica at such an low-priced rate. We do close to a hundred pages every day and it turns out pretty just right. Further over, the printer also runs on UPS. Definite it does. Lasers don't!! The inks are so low cost and its positioned external the most important printing discipline. Easy to refill. With no trouble buy a bottle and fill the tank yourself. It maybe just a little of slow for prints than lasers, nonetheless for the rate and low carbon footprint, its simply correct. The ink fill up bottle is simply inexpensive. Definite its certainly very cheap. Product was once corporation new , packing was first-rate. Nonetheless its alignment used to be as soon as no longer good enough, so inn a criticism on first day at Epson care and so they repair it.

Driver Printer Epson L810 Download
I purchased this model established on mu son's working out of the printer. Now I have used nearly the entire foremost producers. He was blissful with the ink tank proposal and the fee. It has one contact scan and copy offerings moreover. I now have been using this for final one 12 months. No such essential complains. Professionals is i tried to use it with warning lest the ink would get consumed too quickly. To my surprise the ink stays to be one-0.33 left and that i'm now not utilising it miserly. I've been making use of it for T-Shirt printing with satisfactory influence. It's a just right printer.


Epson L850 Driver Download

Epson L850 Printer Driver Download. The Epson L850 printer takes high-quality design sides from each the L810 and the L550. In a equivalent basket- box form, it has a tank to its correct; a retractable feeder tray behind the scanner bed and a manipulate panel at entrance. It's reasonably broader than a laser A4 printer, nonetheless obviously smaller in peak. Its ink tank takes some further house on the suitable. And so they're loosely hooked to the printer so you have got to be cautious while relocating it round. However which you might alter, get used to it, as slurps of inks are injected into the printer from it to maintain cash flowing out into ink.

Driver Download Epson L850 Installer
The control panel at entrance is an old proposal now reformed with a bigger, vibrant screen that suggests icons and textual content. Its not a touchscreen, so there are a dozen “contact” buttons scattered round it to operate the printer. The buttons are extensive, conveniently apparent via a black and white big difference and are quite responsive, which makes them a pleasure to utilize. However they do not appear to be backlit, must you plan to utilize it in darkish. More commonly the most surprising things we located while attempting out the printer is that it wouldn’t discontinue printing if the output tray is closed. The tray is such that it closes the one means for the paper to get out as soon as printed however L850 simply goes on printing and you get a wavy print at the same time you open the output door.

Epson L850 Drivers Download
Epson L850 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson L850 Download for Window/Mac
This Epson L850 Printer Setup no longer like most printers, the Epson ink tank printers must no longer helpful to get strolling out the area. There aren't any cartridges you can unwrap and snap in slots; instead the printer is dispensed with an empty tank and bottles of ink to fill them in. The consultant vividly explains the way you have got to get the bottles capable, to pour in to the tanks. As quickly as accomplished that you can plug it proper into a wall outlet and switch it ON. After initial exams, the printer will get in a position to print. There is not any wi-fi facility on the printer, so setting it up is restrained to putting in the drivers to your laptop and connecting the printer to its USB port.

Driver Printer Epson L850 Download
The port for the equal is reward beneath the scanner assembly, so you're going to must lay down the wire across the left aspect and out of the left nook. There is no LAN port, so the printer will not be ready to be linked to the community, logically. But discover how you can however connect it to a community on home windows. The printer takes circular 12W of power in working mode which is most amazing a fraction of what a laser printer requires (higher than 350W).

Epson L210 Driver Download

Epson L210 Printer Driver Download. I've always been looking for a pretty compact home printer where I can print things wirelessly from my cell phone. With this Epson L210 3-in-1 Inkjet Multifunction Printer, I have everything in one and it is very compact, so it will find a good place in any home. First, I liked the very safe packaging. If you take out the printer, you can see many adhesive tape as a transport protection. For the distance I have taken extra rest and time, because if you overlook a strip, the device does not work. Epson L210 is a wireless printer and the installation is very straightforward and easy. I especially liked the intuitive handling.

There is a step by step guide in the form of a printed booklet and a CD. If you insert the CD and follow the instructions, it works really easy. Print result is very good. Of course you can not compare with a laser printer. What surprised me especially is the image printing or photo printing. Wow. The picture quality is really good. It is important that you use photo paper here and then the photo prints look like from a Profile. If you are not a professional photographer, that is really enough for private use. The ink does not dry out, even on hot August days. The printing speed is surprisingly good. Especially with ink jet one expects that it lasts forever. But this is rather fast.

Printer Epson L210 Drivers Download

Download Driver Epson L210

Download Epson L210 Driver 
The disadvantage I find the print head cleaning, which lasts for me felt eternity. In reality, up to 5 minutes. That could have done the device even after the print job. For me personally perfect for a private household to print quickly and easily. Good printer for private use, printer works fast, even the cartridges are economical and above all: The printhead did not dry out even in the worst summer heat and less frequent use in the time. The Epson L210 printer offers a very good picture quality and is generally positive. The operation is described very simple and understandable. Overall the Epson L210 printer has good quality product with multiple features. Easy to print from mobile, laptop with different print settings. Print quality is even better in low-quality paper. Fast printing compares to other printers in given price. Double-sided printing is more time-consuming.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Epson L6161 Driver Download

Epson L6161 Printer Driver Download. The biggest advantage of the new Epson printer, Epson L6161, is that you can refill the four ink cartridges when empty, and then you can print on average 140 pages a month for three years if we believe the manufacturer. A new bottle of ink that fills the tank completely.

Epson L6161 Printer Driver Installer
Epson L6161 is easy to set up. After filling the ink tanks, calibration in about five minutes, and wireless network connection, you are in progress. The printer menu is operated by buttons on the left of the screen and navigation is simple and intuitive.

Print, scan, copy
The printer function of Epson L6161 is satisfactory. We printed ten pages of text in 44.8 seconds and ten pages of text and color images in 2 minutes and 43 seconds. It's fast compared to the closest competitors.

Epson L6161 Drivers Download
Epson L6161 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson L6161 Download
Even though Epson has made the printer for those who want to save money on ink, Epson L6161 delivered great prints when printing on Epson's Premium Glossy photo paper. The colors are clear and natural, not over-saturated, but there is a hint of blueprint in the black and white prints, if we look carefully. It's obvious to use Epson L6161 to print family photos.

Print from the phone
In addition to regular printing, you can also use Epson L6161 as a copier, for example, if you need more copies of a party song. All you do is put the print in the box on top of the printer or on the glass plate in the middle. Simple and simple.

You can also print wirelessly via WiFi Direct or Epson iPrint, an app for your mobile phone. This allows you to print photos directly from your mobile. However, it is not possible to scan with the mobile phone and send the scan to print, which would be quite obvious.

However, we think that the price is in the rigidest team given that older models cost half.

+ Refillable ink tanks
+ High print speed
- Slightly expensive
- Slight blue peel in black and white pictures


Epson Stylus T10 Driver Download

Epson Stylus T10 Printer Driver Download. The Epson Stylus T10 refillable cartridges I have filled with the already mentioned inks (DURABrite compatible). At first, the print image was catastrophic, I suspect that it was the mix with the original ink, since after the replacement of the cartridges still remained ink of the Epson cartridges in the printheads and the supply lines. A few prints have eliminated this problem. A first test print with the Epson driver settings resulted in a similarly dark print image as the original inks. But the prints are more sensitive immediately after printing, they take a significantly longer time to dry compared to the Epson ink. In addition, there is a slight blue cast that is clearly visible especially in the gray areas when the print with the original ink for comparison is placed next to it. So an ICC profile must be created here to see that it can be turned off. The test charts were printed quickly, but there were stripes, as if the printhead was clogged. A nozzle test has confirmed that. Several print head cleaning and nozzle tests were necessary until the result was perfect. Then a test chart was printed and after sufficient drying the ICC profile was created.

Epson Stylus T10 Printer Driver Installer
Since the printout of my favorite test image takes more than 30 minutes, I have saved myself from creating all the ICC profiles for all of my in stock photo papers, I limited that to the Tetenal Satin 255 g / m². Of course, I was looking forward to the comparison with the original Epson Durabrite, but anyone can compare that for themselves but there were streaks, as if the printhead was clogged. A nozzle test has confirmed that. Several print head cleaning and nozzle tests were necessary until the result was perfect. Then a test chart was printed and after sufficient drying the ICC profile was created. Since the printout of my favorite test image takes more than 30 minutes, I have saved myself from creating all the ICC profiles for all of my in stock photo papers, I limited that to the Tetenal Satin 255 g / m². Of course, I was looking forward to the comparison with the original Epson Durabrite, but anyone can compare that for themselves but there were streaks, as if the printhead was clogged. A nozzle test has confirmed that. Several print head cleaning and nozzle tests were necessary until the result was perfect.

Epson Stylus T10 Drivers Download
Epson Stylus T10 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Stylus T10 Download
Then a test chart was printed and after sufficient drying the ICC profile was created. Since the printout of my favorite test image takes more than 30 minutes, I have saved myself from creating all the ICC profiles for all of my in stock photo papers, I limited that to the Tetenal Satin 255 g / m². Of course, I was looking forward to the comparison with the original Epson Durabrite, but anyone can compare that for themselves Then a test chart was printed and after sufficient drying the ICC profile was created. Since the printout of my favorite test image takes more than 30 minutes, I have saved myself from creating all the ICC profiles for all of my in stock photo papers, I limited that to the Tetenal Satin 255 g / m². Of course, I was looking forward to the comparison with the original Epson Durabrite, but anyone can compare that for themselves Then a test chart was printed and after sufficient drying the ICC profile was created. Since the printout of my favorite test image takes more than 30 minutes, I have saved myself from creating all the ICC profiles for all of my in stock photo papers, I limited that to the Tetenal Satin 255 g / m². Of course, I was looking forward to the comparison with the original Epson Durabrite, but anyone can compare that for themselves.

  1. Driver Epson Stylus T10 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32-bit)
  2. Driver Epson Stylus T10 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (64-bit)

Epson Stylus T11 Driver Download

Epson Stylus T11 Printer Driver Download. The Epson Stylus T11 printouts with the original cartridges were quite dark and did not make it easy for me to create the ICC profiles. And the effect has also occurred with original Epson photo papers. It was also unpleasant that an expression in the middle of the page was canceled when the cartridges was empty. So each time a sheet of photo paper was destroyed. The printer is also very sensitive to corrugated paper. If the paper is not absolutely flat but the outer edges are slightly curved upwards to the printed side, the printhead grazes the paper very quickly and soils the printout. Very pleasantly noticed is the multi-responsiveness of the printer driver under Windows 7 x64. Since I use a Multi language version of Windows 7 and this is set to English, it was pleasant in the printer driver to switch briefly to Europe to see how messages and menus are named in German (I need this only for such reports as this one).

Epson Stylus T11 Printer Driver Installer
Operation with refillable cartridges
Also, the operation with the refillable ink cartridges was not always easy. The refillable cartridges I have purchased have an estimated 10ml content, so much more than the original cartridges. According to the online manual, the cartridge should not be completely filled to the stop, the filling limit is the already mentioned 10ml. If a cartridge was reported as empty, the level visible through the transparent molded case was still well over 50%, from where should the printer know something of larger cartridges if Epson does not offer such and these can not be recognized. Then, when such an empty cartridge is removed and refilled, the printer has not always recognized this cartridge as full. It often happened that this was recognized again as an empty cartridge. Sometimes it just did not work with the auto-reset. Here then only helped, once all cartridges to replace original cartridges.

Epson Stylus T11 Drivers Download
Epson Stylus T11 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Stylus T11 Download
Or when that was not successful, only ever change a cartridge, which of course means a waste of ink as it is rinsed again after each change. In the meantime, I've kept a few empty original cartridges for this purpose so that I can perform this cartridge-changing game. Sometimes it was a repeated Wecheln, single cartridge, all cartridges, again single, nochaml all cartridges and again single cartridge necessary until everything worked out again. This is not funny, especially because the range of the small cartridges (which are simulated by the chips) is just puny. I realized quite late, a wait of a few minutes before such a refill cartridge is used again brings improvements. Obviously, the cartridges have to be de-energized for a while to complete the auto-reset. So I ordered a second set of refill cartridges, this time at Farbenwerk, where I also ordered a matching Ink Coloration Office EP.

Supported paper types
So, now to the print results. On plain copy paper or the HP Bright White 90g / m² Inkjet Paper, which I like to use for two-sided inkjet prints of workshop documents, the prints are good and the print times bearable. This is already a bit different for Fotopaier, as I said before, you need microporous photo paper for the pigmented ink. The printer driver offers only a limited choice of papers:

  1. Plain paper
  2. Epson mat
  3. Epson Premium Glossy
  4. Epson Premium Semigloss
  5. Epson Glossy
  6. Epson photo
  7. Envelope


Epson Stylus T20E Driver Download

Epson Stylus T20E Printer Driver Download. I would like to write about this Epson Stylus T20E a positive rating. Because the quality of the prints is surprisingly good for the price, the design is very appealing and the bring-in guarantee "(which I was allowed to test extensively) uncomplicated and fast, but what good is it all if the chic black bread box does not print? Since my purchase in October 2008 I had to return the device 3x (in words THREE TIMES!) To EPSON because of the "printer-recognizes-black-original-cartridge-not-an-error" popular here and in other review forums. After the first repair attempt, I got a brand new T20 stylus sent back in the other defects. Now I am standing here in front of my third new device and in my despair I have even used a new original cartridge (8.99 EUR), which is now also declared unknown after 2 pages.

Epson Stylus T20E Printer Driver Installer
If you like to run to the post office and send non-free parcels to the EPSON repair center and then look forward to visiting the DHL messenger 3 days later, you will enjoy the unusual hobby with the Stylus T20. All others I advise to look for another printer. Unfortunately, the T20 is not even good as a bread box... Too bad! Although the Epson printer delivers a good to very good print image but consumes a lot of ink at the same time. In addition, the Epson printer does not even recognize when a cartridge change!!! ORIGINAL EPSON PARTONES! There is always an error message. Either the cartridges are not recognized as original or full cartridges are only recognized as empty. And once a cartridge is empty, the printer stops printing. So finger away! What appears to be a bargain at first glance turns out to be a real failure for me after about a month. Misserable print quality gealous with weird noise.

Epson Stylus T20E Drivers Download
Epson Stylus T20E Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Stylus T20E Download
The coronation is, however, after a while, full original cartridges are no longer recognized! Lousy rip-off from Epson!. Two friends own this Epson Stylus T20E printer, with both he does the problems mentioned here. The printer is cheap, but at least it should work and recognize original cartridges. Stay away from this product! We bought the device because of the individual cartridges but what good is it all if the Sch. Box does not recognize her. So stay away from the part. Had I bought on Amazon I would not have happened this bad buy. We join the bad reviews. Normally, a star is already too much. I'm just in trouble with it. i had to let myself play a new software at the beginning and trotdem the printer faxes, for example he stops in the middle of the pressure and suddenly does not recognize the original cartridges and tells me they are not original. only trouble with the part. Overall I'm quite satisfied with the printed image, the cartridges are cheap (no original) and installation + operation is easy. Unfortunately, the Epson Stylus T20E printer is very loud!

  1. Driver Epson Stylus T20E for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (32-bit)
  2. Driver Epson Stylus T20E for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (64-bit)

Friday, September 7, 2018

Epson L130 Driver Download

Epson L130 Printer Driver Download. The Epson L130 is equipped with 180 nozzles in black and 59 nozzles in each color. This makes it possible for the printer to achieve a corresponding color depth and thus high quality results. The resolution is 5,760 x 1,440 dpi, so that not only documents but also photos can be printed. When scanning, the Epson L130 uses the contact image sensor (CIS) technology. The device can generate images with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi (horizontal) x 2400 dpi (vertical). The ink technology is called Claria (TM) Home Ink, where the minimum droplet size is 3 pl. Since the printer is able to use drops of variable size when working, details on the pictures are also clearly visible. The Epson XP-245 has a capacity of 100 pieces for standard paper and space for 20 pieces of photo paper. The device is capable of doing DIN A4, DIN A6, DIN A5, DIN C6, DIN B5, DL, no. 10 and Letter to edit. This allows this Epson L130 to be used in a wide range of applications.

Download Epson L130 Printer Driver Installer
In general, the Epson L130 is known as a good value device. This applies both to the current and the acquisition costs. The printer is operated with the Epson 29 single cartridges which are also available as Multipack. These must of course be bought at regular intervals. If you want to save money when ordering cartridges, switch to the Epson 29XL cartridges. Since each color is in a separate cartridge, they can be bought separately.

In this way, the owner of the Epson L130 saves additional money. In this context, however, it should be noted that for a smooth change of printer cartridges a little exercise is needed. With somewhat higher expenditure is to be expected with the acquisition of the photo paper. Especially for products with a high gloss finish, a price in the double-digit range is already payable starting from a quantity of 20 sheets. Of course, the operation of the device is also associated with electricity costs. The typical power consumption during normal operation is 12 watts, whereby the Epson L130 can also be put in the PowerSave mode - in this case, the energy consumption is only 1.6 watts.

Epson L130 Drivers Download
Epson L130 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson L130 Download
The Epson L130 can be used for both private and professional applications. Ideally, however, the printer is tailored to multi-person households. Because it can be operated from a smartphone or tablet, the entire family has the ability to send scan or print jobs to the Epson L130 from any room in the home.

In this context, it should be mentioned that the control of the printer by mobile devices can be learned with ease. The interface of the apps is laid out clearly, whereby even beginners find their way quickly. That way even smaller companies can benefit from the Epson L130. The flexible use of all jobs are done in a short time. This saves a lot of time for the operation in the workday.

Overall, this Epson L130 is a high quality product that is perfectly tailored to everyday use. So if you want to acquire a printer that scores with several functions, flexibility and an intuitive control, is well advised with the Epson L130 printer.


Epson Expression ET-2500 Driver Download

Epson ET-2500 Printer Driver Download. Once initialization is complete, you must install the printer driver and software. These are on the CD, but can also be downloaded from the Epson website (which ensures you have the latest version from the start - about 12 MB) or you can also download them here below. After installing the Epson Expression ET-2500 drivers and firmware update, you can connect the printer with a USB cable (not supplied), or via Wi-Fi, using the control panel on the front of the printer. the printer. I opted for the wireless connection. More practical. The setup wizard will then launch the installation of the various software - mostly optional. Everything went well, except for the product registration, where I got an error message (below). Fortunately, canceling the product registration allowed me to continue. I immediately communicated this to Epson, but I did not have confirmation that the problem was corrected at the time of writing.

Epson Expression ET-2500 Software Installer
Finally, we are asked to register to use Epson Connect, a service that allows you to print by sending an email to a specific address, or using a phone or tablet, using the free Epson Connect app ( Android or iOS ). Interestingly, we can then change the beginning of the email address assigned automatically to the printer during the configuration is a bit complex (like bgsliujk87d6fgbfvb @ ) for that of our choice (for example, stephane @ - these are obviously fictitious addresses).

Print and scan tests
I have tested just about every function of the printer. From simple photocopying (color or black & white), to scanning (JPG, PDF), to printing photos of various formats. Here is the result of these tests, with the time required for the printer to perform a task. I advise you to watch my video test below to see the print results, as taking a photo and displaying it here would not do justice to these results. It takes about 12 seconds for the printer to make for a black and white photocopy, 35 seconds for a color copy. On the scanning side, two options are offered: via USB or on a computer detected on the network. I chose the second. It takes about 90 seconds to scan a color page (JPG) and about 35 seconds to scan the same image in PDF format. The rendering is very good in both cases.

Epson Expression ET-2500 Drivers Download
Epson Expression ET-2500 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Expression ET-2500 Download
The printer takes about 1 minute 10 to print a 4 "x 6" photo, either in black and white or in color, in standard quality. It will take 5 minutes for a color photo in 8''x10 '' format, in top quality. In short, it's a little slow, but it works VERY well. The rendering of the print (and I obviously used Epson paper) is excellent, both in black and white and color, and even for printing a photo taken with my Pixel XL phone from Google.

It's important to note that I did not have real 8x10 paper, but 8.5x11 paper, so wide-format printing in my video has uneven edges on the paper. You will obviously not have these borders with the correct paper size.

Epson Expression ET-2500 EcoTank tanks
Rest assured, I did not print 4000 pages just to test the veracity of Epson's claims. On the other hand, even after printing some photos (which still require a lot of ink, compared to documents), I did not notice a decrease in the ink level in the tanks, nor at the visual level (in looking at the printer itself), nor at the printer driver which always gives an approximation of the ink level in each of the tanks. In short, tanks contain a lot of ink, and refills are very inexpensive, when compared with cartridges for conventional inkjet printers. A cost of printing on the page very, very low, even in color.


Epson L6191 Driver Download

Epson L6191 Printer Driver Download. I work purely privately as a hobby much with Photoshop and wanted a printer on which I can print my edited images in A3 format and therefore came to this Epson L6191. Of course, photo printing has clear priority for me. The included scan and copy function as well as the fax function are just a nice accessory for me. The Epson L6191 driver setup and operation of the device is very simple. The photo print is really outstanding. The Epson L6191 uses five instead of the usual four CMYK colors, namely an additional pigment black, which creates a really nice black when printing, for a better depth effect. Borderless printing is possible on request. The speed of printing is quite sufficient for private use or small offices. For larger offices with a high workload, however, the device will quickly reach its limits. In addition to the conventional wired connections via USB and Ethernet, the device can also be controlled via WLan and WiFi Direct. It is also possible to print directly from an SD card or USB slot. The device is aimed more at the private user or for smaller commercial purposes and has excellent printing properties also in A3 format. The high purchase price deters first, but the device is later extremely economical in the application. 4 stars!

Epson L6191 Printer Driver Installer
The Epson Epson L6191 combines many functions in a rather compact format. The commissioning took place in principle self-explanatory. The feared mess by the refill or filling bottles fell completely away. The filling system is completely thought out, the shape of the bottle neck does not allow to fill the wrong color in the wrong shaft. Also very nice I find the central attachment of the tank, because when filling does not have to be handled somewhere on the back. Operation via the touch panel works by means of simple menu navigation. The touch pad itself is more for smaller fingers and does not always respond promptly. The connection of the WLAN is incomplete, although the printer was integrated - this does not always work right away. The Epson L6191 print quality leaves nothing to be desired for my purposes.

Epson L6191 Drivers Download

Epson L6191 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson L6191 Download
The previous Epson WF-2520 printer had constant problems after about 4-5 years of use. Since we were tired of the constant refills and now stay on the last bought sit, we have and again bought an Epson. As a loan, the installation was not that easy, but we managed to get it together. The Epson L6191 printer works flawlessly, is fast and a bit noisy, but it can live with it because it is not audible when waiting. We are now waiting to see how it goes on, but we are confident that we will have a lot of fun with it. I had the 2500 with tank and now this Epson L6191. I am very satisfied, I have the printer in another room thanks to Wifi and the cost of ink is also low. You save money and the environment! 


Epson L6171 Driver Download

Epson L6171 Printer Driver Download. The installation wizard of the supplied CD is started. This searches and finds the printer, installs drivers, software and manuals, with me even the firmware of the printer was automatically updated. Then you can still control the printhead alignment on the printer and adjust exactly if necessary. It's easy with a few test prints and questions that need to be answered on the printer's touch screen. I skipped the FAX facility, I do not need that at the moment.

So, now to print: The expression of colorful and black and white documents is quick and beyond any doubt. I'm sure experts with magnifying glass and microscope can find quality differences to other printers, but I, as a normal mortal, found the prints outstanding. Then I printed out a photo on normal plain paper, which looked as if it was gruesome. The same expression on glossy photo paper was absolutely outstanding! I did not expect that, even on the first try, the picture came just as the printer, as it looked on the screen and in Nature too.

Epson L6171 Printer Driver Installer
That's never happened to my old printers, I'm thrilled! So far, it has always been a miserable fumbling with the color matching to something reasonably useful crawled out of the device. In the test reports they write here and there that the high-quality color printing is a bit slow and that the quality is only about 70 percent. Better would be the photo printer with pigmented ink from the same series, but they do not offer all the features that I would like to have.

Epson L6171 Drivers Download
Epson L6171 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson L6171 Download
I can not complain about the photo print, the quality can definitely keep up with everything I've seen so far. You could even print out a photo book yourself instead of having it done by others. I'll probably get a binding system. When you print photos of the highest quality, they are not just shot out of the printer, but that's the case with most devices in this price range. Whether it is a few seconds faster or slower, but I do not care - I hear, yes, when the expression is finished. The slightly thicker photo paper was pulled without grumbling from the lower paper drawer.

It remains to say that the document feeder works well. What's nice is that if you do not need it, you just turn it over. So there is no dust in and the resulting flat surface can serve as a small storage. Some people complain that there are problems with bumpy or glued templates, I say: Just do not put something in your printer!

I also like the uncomplicated connection of my Android phone. After loading the Epson iPrint app, I could easily print from my phone or scan documents. There are more features that I have not tried all yet.

Conclusion: So far, I am completely satisfied and would recommend the device without hesitation. Should something change in my experience / opinion, there is an addendum. I'm still very satisfied, everything works. My old inkjets have almost always started long cleaning sprees before my occasional printouts, which annoyed me miserably. The Epson does not do that and the ink does not dry up anyway. So the ink level after half a year has sunk only as far as I would expect according to the number of my prints.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Epson WorkForce AL-C300DN Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Installer Epson WorkForce AL-C300DN

Epson WorkForce AL-C300DN Printer Driver Download. A fast, high-quality A4 color laser printer for those who want to reduce their expenses and who want easy integration into business environments. A high quality Recto Verso color laser printer for small to medium sized workgroups who want to reduce their printing costs. With features for easy integration into business environments, this network printer provides high print speeds to make small businesses more efficient. Long-life toner packs also help ensure low printing costs. In addition, to achieve even greater savings, two black toner cartridges are also available.

The AL-C300DN provides ISO 31 ppm print speeds in both monochrome and color, even in front and back. Prints are made at a resolution of 1200 × 1200 dpi to ensure high quality results. In addition, thanks to its standard 1 GB memory, you save time during complex print jobs. Recto Verso print jobs are performed as fast as Recto jobs.

Epson WorkForce AL-C300DN Drivers Download
Epson WorkForce AL-C300DN Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson WorkForce AL-C300DN Download
Its LCD screen makes it easy to control advanced functions. The long life of toner cartridges, up to 7,300 black pages and 8,800 color pages, not only means that your supplies last longer, but also that you spend less time replacing them. A pack of two black toner cartridges is also available. The AL-C300DN printer, in addition to being ENERGY STAR qualified, has an extremely low power consumption of 1.3 W in hibernation.

This model benefits from a monthly volume max. up to 120,000 pages. With the Epson range, businesses are guaranteed a return on their investment. With its page description languages ​​including PCL6, PostScript 3 and PDF 1.7, as well as its advanced IPv6 protocol and Gigabit Ethernet, this printer is ideal for business environments. Advanced IPSec and SSL support helps improve security when printing sensitive documents, and print securely and confidentially thanks to its compatibility with Email Print for Enterprise.


Epson Stylus Office TX515FN Driver Download

Epson Stylus Office TX515FN Printer Driver Download. Overall, find the Epson Stylus Office TX515FN printer good. It is processed quality. The print quality is basically very good. The paper does not curl even with a lot of ink. The ink is absolutely smudge-proof. That was important to me. The prints are also very sharp. However, what bothers me is that the printer regularly slips by a few pixels (about every 2 pages with me), so-called italics. Although this can be corrected by calibration, but I have found in the standard printing mode no difference. But it's not that bad right now. The black starter cartridge has with me held about 800 SW pages, which I think is quite good. Value for the ink seems to me appropriate (2 ct / side is promised).

The Epson Stylus Office TX515FN printer prints pretty fast. For larger print jobs but in between any ink flushes are done at one go. So far, I have not had any problems with paper jams. Duplex works perfectly. Very good, I find the preview image in the copy function. This allows you to adjust the zoom even better. Unfortunately, the zoom only works on the XY axis at the same time. It would be even better if you could edit the X and Y axis separately. Scanning is ok. The quality I can not judge well yet. However, the supplied software is not self-explanatory, confusing divided into several individual programs and otherwise hardly usable. The software makes little desire to use the scanning function of the device.

Epson Stylus Office TX515FN Drivers Download
Epson Stylus Office TX515FN Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Stylus Office TX515FN Download
After I already had printers from Canon and Brother, which started to annoy me after a short time (no WLAN connection, clogged printhead, etc.), I had brought me some time ago now the Epson. So far, no problems, I do not print very much, but when I need it, he has an immediate connection and with a clogged printhead, I've never had a problem. The operation is a bit awkward if you want to print different paper sizes. But that does not make it as "Normal" also not lasting. Against all the comments I have read many comments that Epson Stylus Office TX515FN is bad, is not and and and. Can I just say for everyone who has to print at home, no matter if pictures or other documents?! It is a top device has fully convinced me! Delivery fast and uncomplicated Construction and instructions just great. As he is described he is great !!!! I express a lot of covenant and black he has convinced me!

Positive: The Epson Stylus Office TX515FN drivers setup, handling and print quality are very good.  Negative: The printer installs 14 (!) Components where it is unclear which ones are really needed. In addition, the software or firmware requires updates every few days, which is time consuming and annoying. Even if you print only one page, the printer will then make noises for another 30 seconds; if anything is adjusted or the nozzles are cleaned, I do not know. Conclusion: The Epson Stylus Office TX515FN printer is okay bro!


Epson Stylus Office TX525FW Driver Download

Epson Stylus Office TX525FW Printer Driver Download. First some sentences, why I decided for an Epson printer. If you are only interested in the printer rating, please start reading from the 5th paragraph (printer rating). Since more than 20 years I only use Canon printers, as Canon used to be the only printer with single tanks known to me. Meanwhile, I have worn 7 printers. Since I was satisfied over the years, I had no reason to change the brand. I always use 2 printers in the apartment, one in the office and one centrally located. Since I print relatively little, the printers lasted 8 to 12 years and even with an ink filling you got quite far.

The new generations of Canon no longer think so. At the latest after 2 to 3 years they succumb to the planned obsolescence. The cleaning routine when switching on takes forever and consumes a lot of ink. So it was time to look for another manufacturer. After extensive research on the Internet, I was relatively frustrated, as currently all manufacturers seem to install the planned expiration. Fortunately, a class action lawsuit is currently pending against a printer manufacturer in France.

Epson Stylus Office TX525FW Printer Evaluation
Unpacking and commissioning are super easy. I have taken the advice of another reviewer here and turned off the automatic update, as it is supposed to otherwise later problems if you do not want to buy original printer cartridges. From the equipment is the part super, Wifi, Ethernet, NFC, automatic feeder and much more. At Canon, a printer in comparable equipment costs almost twice.

Epson Stylus Office TX525FW Drivers Download
Epson Stylus Office TX525FW Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Stylus Office TX525FW Download
Epson Stylus Office TX525FW is ready to start in comparison to the Canon in half the time, because he does not wash for ages. I did not notice the first time I switched it on, that it is already ready for use, since I was used to the long wait. After more than four months, not a single nozzle has been blocked. The ink tanks are still half full for me as a small printer. That too is very positive. Canon had meanwhile blown the content completely for the epic cleaning.

The photo print on glossy paper looks great and text on plain paper is sufficient. If you look closely, the edges of the letters are a bit freaked out. From the volume I feel it as equal to other inkjet printers known to me. When it is ready for operation, a bell will sound, as will turn off. Some people are bothered by it, I think that's ok as an acoustic signal. (Maybe you could even switch off, habs but because of the aforementioned reason never searched)

No Name printer cartridges are available on Amazon and ebay in masses and incredibly cheap. Whether the WF 2760 works with it without problems, I can not say, since it deals with the original cartridges so sparingly that I still print with the first sentence.I will not add this here as soon as I use the first cartridges. Also to the life I can say nothing, except that I got in an action here at Amazon a free warranty extension to 3 years. If he keeps that long, he has earned his money.

If I have forgotten something here, please write to me, I'll try to answer that or to complete. At the moment I am completely satisfied with the device and can highly recommend it. If someone decides on the basis of my review for this Epson Stylus Office TX525FW, I wish a lot of joy and little trouble with the printer. I would be happy about a positive vote.


Epson Stylus Office TX320F Driver Download

Epson Stylus Office TX320F Printer Driver Download. I've been using multifunction printers from EPSON for many years. So far the Stylus Photo XP-860 speaks for the longevity of the Epson printers. The Epson Stylus Office TX320F has the same notch and blends seamlessly into the printer family of EPSON multifunction printers. The scope of delivery is NO USB cable anymore. Either you use the printer now via WLAN or you have to buy a cable yourself.

However, there is a set of ink cartridges in so you can set up the printer the same. During the first installation, however, the ink channels are filled with color, which is why you can never print as much as the "first" cartridges.

A set of new original cartridges is not quite so cheap in the photo series. There are fast times 60 € and more spent. However, you get at some providers quite cheap refills but you should not buy from anyone. Cheap ink is often coarser and quickly clogs the nozzles of the Epson printer. Then you have to buy original ink to get the nozzles free with expensive cleaning processes again. This can be saved if you buy eg the iColor ink from Pearl (costs about half of the original ink) or another good supplier. But also here you should pay attention to quality.

However, this ink is not waterproof. The original ink, however, already. Documents do not dissolve when a drop of water comes on it. This is certainly the case with cheap ink. Since you have to be careful when you print out a package label and then brings the package in the rain to the post office.

Epson Stylus Office TX320F Drivers Download
Epson Stylus Office TX320F Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Stylus Office TX320F Download
The printout on photo paper is not affected as the photo paper absorbs the ink so far that the waterdrop can no longer cause any damage. The durability of the colors on the paper has meanwhile become a bit better, but not as good as with the original ink. You pay for it when you buy the ink from EPSON. So if you print photos that you still want to see after 15 years then you should use original ink.

So enough of the ink and back to the printer. Unfortunately, only a hard-to-understand quick guide in different languages ​​in paper form with. Unfortunately, it is now also common that no detailed instructions with more lie. This is then on the enclosed CD on which the installation software is on it.

The Epson Stylus Office TX320F driver installation of the printer is very easy. CD into the PC and follow the instructions. Finished. It's that easy. After you have set up the printer and integrated into the network, you can also conveniently print from your smartphone or tablet if you have installed the Epson app.

The print quality is really good. Is just an Epson and can do that in professional quality. The printer is so fast that it does not necessarily have to hide from laser printers. Sure, it does not quite match the speed of a laser printer, but it's absolutely fast enough.

However, the paper tray is not worth an EPSON. For example, if you want to print 10x15 photos you first have to take the DIN A4 paper out and insert the 10x15. Are you done with the whole thing the other way round? That's too complicated.

Prima I find the possibility that one has a cut sheet feeder on the back of the printer. If you want to print something on cardboard or something you can use it and do not have to take out the paper tray to put it there.

The Epson Stylus Office TX320F even has a duplex printing function, making it possible to print a sheet of paper from both sides in one go. Here you do not have to print the sheet from one side and then reinsert it the other way round to have it printed on the other side as well. It is first printed one page and then comes out a whole piece of the printer and is pulled back by itself and from the back even with the rest printed without having picked it up.

Scanners and copiers work very reliably and the results are of high quality. A great feature is the ADF feeder. Since you just need the sheet to be scanned or copied to the slot in the top of the cover and that is then automatically fed and copied. I've always imagined that is totally funny, but it's totally easy because the printer automatically switches to ADF if you insert one or more sheets.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the results and can definitely recommend this Epson Stylus Office TX320F. One must be aware, however, that the printing costs are quite high with original cartridges, but the prints are then waterproof and the color fidelity is maintained over many years.

By the way, you can already lower the printing costs a bit by adjusting the combination of text + image printing. Since the image quality for photos in my opinion is absolutely sufficient and you can save so much ink.

But there you can, as mentioned above, also take "cheap ink" in which you then have to make some compromises. I would like to briefly review another reviewer who mentioned a problem with the ink pads. These pillows are there to absorb excess ink when, for example, performs a cleaning process. By the way, you usually only have this when the nozzles are blocked by "cheap ink" to blow them free again. If you only use original ink, these cleaning processes are normally not necessary.

If these pillows really should be full you can send your printer to Epson. But first please take the ink cartridges out. These then clean the printer, reset the display and replace the cushions. In addition, new cartridges are used to make a trial run. It all costs just 20 € and the costs for that send out. The return costs are already there with it. That's really not too much. However, it takes at least two weeks, but then you get back a completely overhauled printer with a set of new ink cartridges. Anyone who is aware of this will not be disappointed by this Epson Stylus Office TX320F.


Epson Stylus TX430W Driver Download

Epson Stylus TX430W Printer Driver Download. Very nice device, fully satisfied. Epson Stylus TX430W does not just look perfect. Works fast and quiet, fulfills every wish, easy to operate. I had previously a similar printer from HP. It had a good print, but the print cartridges were too expensive for us in the long run. Furthermore, we had the printer connected via Wi-Fi and the fully inflated driver software from HP was always trouble. Error messages without reason, which then appear every second on the relevant PCs in the house. Sometimes only a new installation helped. Completely annoying. Finally, we bought a printer from EPSON (the aforementioned WF-2510WF).

The Epson Stylus TX430W driver software can be installed in half the time we needed with the HP. The controls directly on the printer are almost self-explanatory. There are hardly any double assignments for the keys. Important in case I want to make a copy directly on the printer. At the HP, my wife, for example, did not even get along with the keys, as the few existing keys all had at least two different functions. Furthermore, the WLAN connection can be made via the display on the printer. That did not work for the HP. There always had to be a USB cable connected.

Epson Stylus TX430W Drivers Download
Epson Stylus TX430W Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson Stylus TX430W Download
The greatest advantage for our family, however, lies in the price of the printer's ink. Since we access this printer with 4 persons over the WLAN, one or the other side passes papers through the machine and thus the cartridges hold also only a limited time and while the EPSON printer the cartridges of us here bought at Amazon of a secondary supplier (complete set of XL cartridges under 13, -) Although recognizes as such, but then uses after requesting a confirmation but also without grumbling, the HP printer has always made a little bitchy with cartridges that just did not come directly from HP. Surely there are better printers / multifunction devices, but for us it seems to have been the right solution.

Finally, I can only say that our family is completely satisfied with this device and eagerly uses it as a printer / copier and scanner, both on the wireless network in the house as well as directly on the printer.

Due to the fact that NO USB cable (which I take for granted !!!) is included, I can not try the printer!  This cable does not cost even 5 €! And with a printer, this should just be part of the standard! I personally find very disappointing!  Once I've bought this cable forced, I'll be able to say something to the print quality ... Until then, Epson Stylus TX430W looks nice. The Epson Stylus TX430W printer is in perfect working order! Prints fast and clean. The cartridges are cheap to buy and the ink lasts a long time! (Just a "time-to-time printer"!). Handling is also easy, which benefits the product. I'm really excited and recommend the printer like!


Epson Stylus TX420W Driver Download

Epson Stylus TX420W Printer Driver Download. The Epson Stylus TX420W is a WLAN printer for just under 100 euros. The Epson announced in June 2010 the delivery of the Stylus SX420W. The 3-in-1 multifunction printer (without fax, therefore) is equipped with a WLAN interface (802.11b / g / and n). Despite the luxury of wireless printing, Epson has calculated the price sharp and pressed to just under 100 euros, exactly: 99.90 euros, of which the printer will certainly lose a few more before the market launch. The Stylus TX420W is aimed at home users who appreciate an inkjet not secondarily their qualities in photo printing.

The Epson Stylus TX420W uses Epson's proven DURABrite ink, using the four colors in single cartridges. The manufacturer also gives the printer a small color display (1.5 inches), because the multi format card reader is also the PC-independent printing possible. A supplied software allows a rudimentary image editing directly on the device. In terms of printing speed Epson stirs powerful the advertising drum and announces 15 pages per minute in color and 35 pages per minute (!) In B / W mode. If the assumption is true that the Epson Stylus TX420W is a nearly identical variant of the recently announced in the States 100-dollar printer stylus NX420, revealing a page look at the datasheet of the American counterpart, what the user actually expected, namely 6, 4 pages in b / w and 3.3 pages in color mode - calculated according to the new, relatively practical ISO standard.

Epson Stylus TX420W Drivers Download
Download Driver Epson Stylus TX420W

Printer Driver Epson Stylus TX420W Download
Otherwise, the features of the Epson Stylus TX420W the price is rather spartan. Comfort features like an automatic document feeder (ADF) seem to be missing, duplex too. So if you also miss the fax module, which is a look at the interpreter S405 recommended by Lexmark, which also has Wi-Fi, but also a fax and an ADF - and has also already cracked the 100-euro limit. Currently it costs 96 euros. However, according to "Computer Bild", the printing costs are not so expensive.


Epson WorkForce K301 Driver Download

Epson WorkForce K301 Printer Driver Download. I would like to say something first of all. One thing I would like to anticipate, NO I am neither related to the one who sells the printer or friends. Many might think so because this review is so positive.  Now to the printer; this printer has more than 5 stars, maybe 6 or even more.

Above all, I do not understand what everyone has, the Epson WorkForce K301 printer is great.
Why, quite simply:

1. As a first point, Jochen S. writes in his review that the printer is much larger than described; So with the rear feed tray was finally in the product description (who can read is clearly in the advantage) and the paper output tray you do not have to pull out, if it does not suit you. But after printing, you can push the output tray back in.

2. Some people also complain about the WI-FI interface. I can not understand what everyone has. If you insert the software CD into the PC, etc., the driver installation starts immediately, quite simply. Now the WI.FI setup starts. If you are not necessarily 5 floors above the printer, but takes a few minutes to connect to the printer, it is synonymous with the first attempt. For me and my roommates in the house, it was the first time. And communication mistakes come there (if one does everything correctly) also none.

3. Now to set up the fax / copier / scanner ... OK the cables, as was also to read in the product description, were not available. But that should not be negative now, because the vast majority of printer vendors do not send any cables (except power cords), because cables are a very common reason why printers are sent back. They were at home with me. You can also quickly go to the nearest electronics store and buy a cable. Now for the most part, the fax. Everything very simple: take cable, put in the socket (printer and telephone network) ready. Has worked wonderfully right at the first test. Scan from the computer (program is also installed during the driver installation) works perfectly over Wi-Fi. Copying is possible from the beginning.

Epson WorkForce K301 Drivers Download
Epson WorkForce K301 Driver Download

Printer Driver Epson WorkForce K301 Download
I am very satisfied, this Epson WorkForce K301 works well and quickly no problems, and the color is great and the wi-fi function is good one point more. The device is now running for an hour, setup via USB cable recommended, then everything via WLAN. I have the device first tried directly over Wi-Fi, this is also possible, but gave complications, and connected directly with USB cable just a few mouse clicks and the device is running. If the Epson WorkForce K301 is intended for normal home use, highly recommended, buy recommendation.. !!

Everything clearly arranged, even with display, time, date, and a well thought-out control panel, the device explains itself. Display also shows operating steps.

I have printed so far only a few auctions, but clean expressions, paper feed finally just. Of course, the Epson is a bit louder than higher quality devices, but that does not bother me, it's also faster than my predecessor, the Epson DX4000, so for me progress, of course, there are faster, but for this unbeatable price that's fine.

At the moment there is probably only original ink, a set 36 Euro, but I think there is something compatible, if not for myself not so wild, I do not print very much, my Epson DX4000 has in the 5 years only three new fillings but now only had to give way because of the required WLAN function, but is still running. There are five stars because I could not find any defects.