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Friday, October 5, 2018

Brother DCP-L2551DN Driver Download

Brother DCP-L2551DN Printer Driver Download. The Brother DCP-L2551DN printer comes standard with a toner, power plug, CD, and quick start guide. The decor is very simple and well described in the manual. I use the printer primarily via WLAN. The delivery is NO cable for connecting to the PC included, you would have to buy extra. The printer prints very quietly and quickly. For me, the primary thing was the duplex printing and WLAN function. Print, copy and scan he does fine. However, it is not suitable for digitizing photos. The pictures are brighter than the original and you usually have to rework the pictures. The Brother DCP-L2551DN software of Brother iPrint & Scan is okay, but I would wish that after scanning such as images, the frame can still move and so adapts to the image, that the reworking is spared. I also think it's great that you get a 3-year warranty on the device.

Driver Download Brother DCP-L2551DN Printer
I already had several printers from different manufacturers in private, all of them had some problems at some point. My employer always used devices from the manufacturer brother, these were, in my experience, easy to maintain, necessary wear parts are quickly and easily replaceable and the devices are very robust, durable and well-made. So I decided to buy a brother for myself. This is already the second Brother machine I own. My first multifunctional device from brother (also a laser printer) I have "inherited" to my parents, the device is of course still working flawlessly. This device is super processed, easy to install, prints very clean and crisp. Provides a simple copy function and prints super fast and quiet. I can recommend Brother DCP-L2551DN, because these are devices that are longer usable, efficient, visually, functionally and haptically high quality but are still inexpensive. Almost 150 euros for a laser multifunction device are in my view a bargain. You should, if this is not already present in your household a USB printer cable order, as this is not included.

Brother DCP-L2551DN Drivers Download
Brother DCP-L2551DN Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother DCP-L2551DN Download
Although at the beginning hesitated because there were no reviews before the purchase, but all the best. Connect, according to German instructions, USB printer cable (buy or existing) plugged in, select WLAN, done. There were no problems. First test print was immediately perfect. I am happy. Unfortunately, I was sent to the printer in foreign language setup instructions and the USB cable for the computer is apparently not included in the delivery. Luckily I got the printer up and running and he does what he should! He prints he scans he copies as usual and fast! A star deduction for the non-existent German-language operating instructions and not written in German controls.

The Brother DCP-L2551DN printer was very easy to set up (even without an operating manual) and works perfectly. My computer (Windows) often has problems with WLAN printers, but it works fine with wireless printing. Copying and scanning is also very fast and easy. Had in the office ever a similar model of Brother with which there were never any problems and can therefore recommend this manufacturer very much.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Brother DCP-L2532DW Driver Download

Brother DCP-L2532DW Printer Driver Download. The outrageous ink prices of HP have now brought me to a laser printer from Brother. Luckily! Behind this article here are different types of printers. I have those with USB connection and WLAN. The printer DCP-L2532DW is a B/W laser printer with color scanner and B/W copy function. By the color scanner one can send colored documents eg by E-Mail, but not on this printer in color print out. Of course, photo printing is not intended for this printer because of b / w. But b / w documents are printed neatly. I've activated Toner Saver mode, which makes it brighter but still prints well enough. Color laser printers are a lot more expensive and therefore we chose this printer.

The lack of backlighting in the two-line display is just okay, but no great achievement from Brother. I use the printer both on the USB port (for PC) and via WLAN (for Notebook and AndriodTablet). Both works perfectly. Of course, the strength of the WLAN connection must be sufficient and therefore the place of installation must be well considered, if one uses WLAN instead of USB.

Before this Brother DCP-L2532DW printer starts working, it warms up and needs about 830 watts. Of course, only for a short time. But you should know that, if there are other things on the same circuit. Because who expects that a printer draws such a performance. Which is normal with laser printers. But more important is the continuous consumption. In standby, it needs about 0.7 watts. So I do not turn it off anymore but let it switch to standby even after 1 min. Costs about 12 cents a month. (0.0007kW * 24h * 30d * 0.24ct)

I have drivers installed on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). If you take the CD and do the full installation (MFL-Pro Suite) then everything works, but you also have a lot of crap installed. For all those who are not so well versed in EDP, that's okay. All those who want more information about the driver situation and the configuration I will give my personal notes below. I can highly recommend the printer. Should something change, eg in terms of durability or warranty promises that are not kept, you will find out here.

Driver Download Brother DCP-L2532DW Printer
Additional information about Brother DCP-L2532DW drivers and software:
Driver installation info written for Win7 and printer DCP-L2520DW:

The driver of this Brother DCP-L2532DW printer can be downloaded from here or the Brother homepage contains everything (driver for USB and WLAN, as well as ControlMonitor and StatusMonitor) and everything works, except Scan text OCR, as no OCR program is included. (Okay for me, I do not need that). On the website the download is called: "Complete Driver & Software Package" which should probably mean as much as "complete driver and software package"

The driver on original CD (MFL-Pro Suite ) contains the same but in addition also a document management software, and others, from my point of view, unnecessary programs. (In the control panel of programs you can see the following installations: Nuance 2 times and PaperPort once). So there are also 3 programs installed and also an additional printer for the document management software.

This works but now text OCR. However, if you install Custom Installation / MFL Suite only on the CD, then the extra programs will be gone and basically the same as the downloaded driver. If you do not need the scanning of text and conversion to a text document (OCR), then it is best to load the current driver from the homepage (called: Complete driver and software) and not the complete MFL-Pro Suite. You then save unnecessary programs on the PC. And everything you do not need to install is good for the stability and speed of the PC.

Brother DCP-L2532DW Drivers Download
Brother DCP-L2532DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother DCP-L2532DW Download
Now to the Brother DCP-L2532DW driver installation: 
If one wants to install USB and WLAN, one must carry out the installation twice. The second time you can Deselect ControlCenter and StatusMonitor, because anyway from the first installation available. Now you have but two printers the same name. So under Start / Printer go in and look under Printer Properties which port the respective printer has. Then rename and add USB or WLAN in the name, so you can later select the right printer when selecting a printer. Then necessarily restart PC. Otherwise StatusMonitor and also the copy function in ControlCenter will not find the printer. However, if you only install USB or Wi-Fi, you only get one printer and do not need to rename anything.

Then in the tray in the bottom right in the StatusMonitor and go to "device to monitor" mark both ports (of course, only if you have USB and WLAN driver installed) Now, "StatusMonitor show" for each port the printer status are shown. If offline, it will not find the printer. eg USB cable not plugged in or PC not started after renaming.

Then go to the right bottom of the tray in the StatusMonitor and under "Other settings". I think "never touch a running system". However, once manually "search for software updates" and install them. Then the ContolMonitor, which is also in the tray (or under Start / Programs / Brother / BrotherUtilities) open and there (if you want) the filenames and folders where to be scanned) adjust. If you have USB and WLAN installed, then you have to make the settings separately for each of the two ports. At the top of the "Model" field you can change the connection. And set it in all 4 pictures in the tab "Scan". However, the settings are only saved when you click on "Scan", ie perform a scan. The "Apply" button

Also in the tab "device settings" there are 4 sub-tabs where you can mahen these settings. For each printer connection you have to make 8 settings. If you have USB and WLAN installed, so there are 16 settings. (Hello, are you still leaving?) The Brother DCP-L2532DW printers in the field "model" are not called as we have named them, but that with the addition LAN is the WLAN connection and that without additional LAN is the USB port.

Under configuration / settings I have also disabled the start of the ControlCenter. I start it when I need it and have the program "Brother Utilities" from the Start menu on the desktop.

Then Start / Devices and Printers / Right-click on Printer /
Print Settings / Advanced and Print Profiles Activate Toner Save Mode there.
Then get out and back in and check if it is activated. Because it was not activated even after activation. Or maybe this will be thrown out if you rename the printer. Therefore, proceed exactly as described in this description on download links below. 


Brother HL-L2312D Driver Download

Brother HL-L2312D Printer Driver Download. Brother HL-L2312D Requirement: Network printer, compatible with pretty much all operating systems, which provides a good print image for text, and in the meantime sometimes just stands around for weeks. Accordingly, a "usable" laser printer.

Brother HL-L2312D > Setup & Usage 
Works pretty much everything "out of the box". The initial setup on the small display, including entering the Wi-Fi password, is of course a bit fumbling. Accordingly, just let it connect to the WLAN and configure the rest via the web interface. Web interface, accessible via the IP address of the printer or the network environment, is surprisingly fast and intuitive. Very pleasant: the printer would also work very well for offices with smaller print volumes due to various filter & setting options.

Driver Download Brother HL-L2312D Installer
Windows recognizes the printer directly without extra drivers, Linux via LPD as well, Mopria Print App for Android & iOS also easily. Some settings in the printer options may be necessary, at least automatic duplex printing, for example, was not available by default. Volume is acceptable for a laser. Quiet & Eco-Mode, by default, additionally reduce it.

Printed image, most important, of course, text as expected. No matter if 50 pages go through in one go, or the printer slept days and is ready to print one page in sharp and even coverage. At least I see no difference between 600, 1200, 1200HQ dpi at first sight (in texts), and Toner Saver also seems to have no real impact on the quality.

Brother HL-L2312D > Negatives 
* DHCP issues? For some reason, after a long sleep, the printer does not work with DHCP, even if the IP is reserved, and it falls back to its fallback IP. Accordingly, communication with the printer is not possible. Assign Fixed IP, and the problem is permanently resolved.

Brother HL-L2312D Drivers Download
Brother HL-L2312D Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother HL-L2312D Download
I am enthusiastic about the printer. Well, I also think that in the cassette is white paper and you can always insert individual sheets manually in a flap above, for example, a form or letterhead etc. Finally, it is not easy to connect wireless and is not overburdened with extras that are not needed. The Brother HL-L2312D printer was delivered extremely fast. The installation is not easy. One must proceed exactly according to the information in the display. First, the language "German" must be set. then it will be easier. The printing result and the speed are impeccable. Also works without problems in the wifi and with smartphone. Very good and cheap printer.

This Brother printer gets the full score from me. Reliable and a clean print. Even the duplex printing stands out. Would buy this device again. This Brother HL-L2312D printer is now for 2 months with me for home use in use. Since I print a lot of black and white, my color printer was too bad for me, the cartridges cost a lot. I am surprised by the clean print result and the volume when printing. It is much quieter than my inkjet printer, you hardly hear in the next room, where I sit, that the pages print out. The only thing for which I deduct 1 star, is that I needed a very long time with the wireless connection. Somehow the device did not want to connect to the router. Only after more than 1 hour did it work. Otherwise, I am highly satisfied with the laser printer!


Brother HL-L2350DW Driver Download

Brother HL-L2350DW Printer Driver Download. So far, I have always had an inkjet printer, as I only print for my personal use. What always bothers me about inkjet printers is that the ink is constantly drying up. I suppose I just do not print regularly and often enough. Laser printers were never an option for me, because I always thought them too expensive for my budget. The Brother HL-L2350DW, however, is quite affordable. Unpacking, installation and driver installation was easy, quick and easy. The very vividly designed installation guide really helped! Since the printer has a wifi function, you only need to connect a power cable, which is of course included. So there is no big clutter! If you do not want to print via Wi-Fi, you can of course do that, but you have to buy a LAN cable, as this is not included.

Driver Download Brother HL-L2350DW Printer
Overall, the handling is easy, with me the size of the display has been negative, because it is very small. My previous printers had a much larger display with touch function. However, a touch display is not installed on this printer. The print quality is okay and the device prints very fast, much faster than I was used to from my previous printers. I find the duplex function very good! It not only saves a lot of paper and space, but also does something good for the environment;) The paper tray is a good size. It fits enough paper (250 sheets). This allows you to store all your printer paper directly in the device and has not next to an extra stack. I also think it's good that the box is closed. Thereby no dust comes into the device!

Thanks to the wi-fi feature, you can easily print from your smartphone. All you need to do is download an app. This is of course free to find in the App Store! Of course, printing from your smartphone is very handy if you want to print something fast. You do not have to turn on the computer / laptop. What I do not like so much overall is the volume when printing. However, since I do not print often and you hardly hear anything from the printer, I can live very well with it. I really like the color and design of the printer. The printer is not heavy at all. In terms of size, I initially thought it was completely ok, only if you consider that the printer has no scanning function, I find it a bit bulky. I think it's a pity that he prints only black and white, but I already knew that when buying. The 3-year warranty is very consumer friendly, but I hope I will not need it!

Brother HL-L2350DW Drivers Download
Brother HL-L2350DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother HL-L2350DW Download
I had the opportunity to try out this Brother HL-L2350DW printer as part of a product test and am very satisfied with it. Brother HL-L2350DW is not too heavy, so he could easily maneuver to the designated place. It is nicely compact in comparison to the multifunction printer I use for professional purposes. You only had to use the drum unit with the toner cartridge, then the installation could already begin.

The menu can be used to connect to a Wi-Fi network without connecting the printer to a computer. The key must be entered using the up / down keys, which may take a while with a long key. Here the possibility to WPS would be helpful. After entering the WLAN connection was established immediately and without further installation or configuration, I could address the printer directly from an Apple iPhone. It did not take more than 15 minutes to open the package until the first print. On the Apple MacBook (also over WLAN) I had to first look for and add the printer. But this was done in no time and since then he is available for selection at any time. This Brother HL-L2350DW printer is very fast, can print on both sides and the print image is good. Even in idle mode, the printer responds quite quickly. The time interval until the sleep or deep sleep mode is activated can be set in the configuration menu. We still have a color inkjet printer in use and so I compared the printing costs. The laser printer is (with a small toner cartridge) very slightly below the cost of printing black and white on the inkjet printer. I am very satisfied with this printer and can recommend Brother HL-L2350DW..


Brother MFC-L2712DN Driver Download

Brother MFC-L2712DN Printer Driver Download. For a long time I thought about it and looked at different printers until I decided to go with this one and did not regret it. The Brother MFC-L2712DN printer is by far the best printer I've ever had. Although it took a while to connect the printer, it was worth it. Brother MFC-L2712DN is a simple and uncomplicated companion, through everyday life, as well as through the study. So far I had no paper jams or a crooked print, smeared ink or similar. (just the problems that one of many other printers knows). The printer from Brother is a dream of a printer, which just does what it should.

Driver Download Brother MFC-L2712DN Printer
Also, the Brother MFC-L2712DN scanning is easily possible, with a pleasant resolution for texts, etc. I can not imagine studying without the Brother printer, printing has never been so easy and fast. And if you look around: In many offices, doctors' offices and in the post office, etc., you will find that somewhere in the corner of a Brother printer stands and because who wants to have it reliable, relies on quality.

Also we were pleased when the 4-1 model of Brother MFC-L2712DN arrived with us. The joy was great and unpacking was of course exciting. The size of the printer is very pleasant. He even found room next to his little brother Model MFC-J480DW. Since we already have Brother experience, the installation went very quickly. It did not take long, because we had already printed out the first test page in the hand. In our case, we have him via W-Lan integrated into the network. The manual is of course very comprehensive with 645 pages but nevertheless very clearly arranged.

Brother MFC-L2712DN Drivers Download
Brother MFC-L2712DN Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother MFC-L2712DN Download
The Brother MFC-L2712DN software does the rest. Everything is in there that you need and you do not have to spend money on expensive software. An all-round carefree package. To print from the tablet or mobile phone, no extra software from Brother is needed. The devices detect the printer by itself in the network. All menus are very clear and the installation of the toner was of course very simple. With 250 pages in the paper cassette, there is nothing to complain about. Very neat. The automatic sheet feeder is very handy. We can copy or scan multiple pages at the touch of a button without constantly placing the individual pages on the document glass. This saves a lot of valuable time in everyday life. It is just as convenient that the multifunction printer sends my scanned pages to the PC in PDF format.

The Brother MFC-L2712DN printer works very quietly for my feeling, no comparison to our "old ones". The volume can be even further reduced by a quiet mode. It prints about 30 pages per minute and up to 15 pages in the duplex -very fast. The typeface is better around worlds to our inkjet printer. It is crisp and, as I said, no comparison to the other. The print resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi delivers crisp results. With the 3 year warranty, Brother is very far. Since we already have a printer from Brother, we would have expected nothing else. (Brother just-great class). For this Brother MFC-L2712DN printer I would like to see another display in this price range and features. A slightly larger touch panel display would be much nicer.

Brother MFC-L2712DN through the quick guide you had to read through concentrated. Installation went without problems, the quality of the four functions is optimal so far. Highly Recommended!


Brother MFC-B7715DW Driver Download

Brother MFC-B7715DW Printer Driver Download. For a multifunction laser, this Brother MFC-B7715DW has compact dimensions but with about 12 kg is not a lightweight. In the box next to the multifunction device is a power cable, the toner drum, a quick start guide, a software CD and two telephone cables for the fax module.

Brother MFC-B7715DW Setup: 
According to the brief instructions, commissioning is quite simple. All you have to do is remove the glue sticks, insert the toner drum and connect the power cable. Already the Brother is brought to life. Unfortunately, the integration into the network has turned out to be more complicated than expected. Because he just did not want to find the WLAN. But this was because the Brother only radio in the 2.4 GHz. If this is also activated in the router can be established via WPS in a simple way a connection. For me, however, it is incomprehensible why there are still devices without a dual band in the present time and there are neither on the manufacturer's side, nor on the packaging corresponding clues. Only the WLAN standards are on the box. But 802.11n can work well in the 2.4 GHz as well as in the 5 GHz frequency range.

Download Brother MFC-B7715DW Printer Driver
Once the multifunction device has been set up, it can come up with some very good features. The software package from Brother leaves nothing to be desired. With simple clicks, the Brother can be configured as well as used. This goes from printing to scanning to fax. The Brother MFC-B7715DW software also offers a firmware update which is installed within a few minutes. If you want even more functions, you can let off steam in the web interface. Everything can be adjusted there. From the volume to network settings to the address book. At this point it makes sense to set the recommended password so that not everyone uses the numerous functions.

Brother MFC-B7715DW Drivers Download
Brother MFC-B7715DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother MFC-B7715DW Download
When printing, there is nothing to complain about. The pressure is fast from the hand and the prints are crisp. Thanks to the duplex unit can also be printed on both sides. Just as easy is the scan function, thanks to indentation, several pages can be scanned or copied. With up to 1200x1200 dpi, a sufficiently good resolution is also available. Even if already older in technology, the Brother brings a fax function. This is just as easy as when printing or scanning and fully meets the requirements. Faxes can be sent and received without problems.

Brother MFC-B7715DW iPrint & Scan
My personal highlight is the Brother iPrint & Scan software. Although the name first reminds of a different hardware manufacturer, this software is from Brother. IPrint & Scan can be installed on the PC as well as on popular smartphones. In a simple way, one has access to the functions of the device. This allows you to quickly print a file from your smartphone or scan a file and save the scan directly to your smartphone. In addition, there is also a workflow function, so for example: after the scan, a program can be opened automatically.

Conclusion: With this Brother MFC-B7715DW Brother delivers a solid multi-function b / w laser, which offers numerous functions. Print quality as well as scan quality are no cause for complaint, and the iPrint & Scan app has done very well. The whole thing is tarnished only by the fact that no 5GHz WLAN is supported.


Brother DCP-B7520DW Driver Download

Brother DCP-B7520DW Printer Driver Download. On the whole, I like the Brother DCP-B7520DW printer very well. My old printer moved significantly lower from the price level, which can be noted above all in the quality of the printed products. These are perfect for this printer. The Brother DCP-B7520DW also prints incredibly fast. Several pages print within seconds, so no long waiting is needed. To install the printer software, a PC / laptop with CD tray is required. Here I would, despite the fact that it has worked for me, a USB stick as a supplement desired. Not every laptop has such a compartment, but everyone has a USB port. In addition, the connection requires a USB cable that connects the printer to the PC / laptop. However, this is not a USB cable, as you may know from the smartphone. I borrowed one of my neighbors for this. At the price, I would have liked that this is already included with the printer. About WLAN can also be great print, but I have needed unnecessarily long for the establishment. Whether this is due to me / the printer, I do not like to judge.

Download Brother DCP-B7520DW Printer Driver Installer
The Brother DCP-B7520DW scanner and copier function is running smoothly and no additional software is required. All in all, it is a printer that convinces me, but I can imagine that for buyers without a CD tray and without cables the situation looks very different. The scanner and copier function is running smoothly and no additional software is required. All in all, it is a printer that convinces me, but I can imagine that for buyers without a CD tray and without cables the situation looks very different. The scanner and copier function is running smoothly and no additional software is required. All in all, it is a printer that convinces me, but I can imagine that for buyers without a CD tray and without cables the situation looks very different.

Brother DCP-B7520DW Drivers Download
Brother DCP-B7520DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother DCP-B7520DW Download
The Brother DCP-B7520DW printer is already very big. But he should also be able to afford something. I have the version without wireless function. Very unfortunate, I think that included in the delivery is no USB 2-printer cable. It's rare to just lie around at home like that and honestly I did not assume that you had to order that extra. So I could not use the printer for the time being and had to additionally order the cable.

The Brother DCP-B7520DW drivers installation was actually quite smooth. Somewhat confusing, I find that the manual is for several types of printers and thus the tray for loading the toner is in the manual on the side of the printer. With my printer, it is the front and well with a bit of common sense you get that too! The language settings etc. are self-explanatory. After installing the software on the PC had to be installed directly 4 updates, which took some time. I hope there are not too many new updates coming. The first printing process was very fast and without problems. Top result! I think it's great that the printed pages do not just fly out but stay in the printer.

A big compliment for this great step-by-step installation guide. Everything was done fast and uncomplicated. The operation itself is easy and understandable. Print, scan, copy: everything works, the print result is convincing. Naturally, copies can be made quickly without having to boot the PC, which was also important to me. I think I made a good choice with this Brother printer. Now we've been home with the Brother DCP-B7520DW printer for a few days now and I have to say it's really quiet unlike ours. He also prints quickly and properly. The real drawback is that unfortunately he has no Wi-Fi and no USB cable is included you should pay attention. Otherwise, for quick low-cost printing, I can only recommend the printer Brother DCP-B7520DW.


Brother MFC-L2712DW Driver Download

Brother MFC-L2712DW Printer Driver Download. The Brother MFC-L2712DW printer was delivered quickly and packaged very well. After a short unpacking and sifting of the accessories it could start. It is a bit heavy but the technology has to be installed somewhere. Included are the toner cartridge, power cable, telephone cable, software CD, quick start guide, user manual and data sheet for energy consumption. By the really very good information sheet to set up the printer you are after 15 minutes follow instructions to start the printer ready. Very well I felt the description for the different software users. Windows vs iOS. Here one is taken by the hand and led by the individual operating systems. Very well.

If you do not have a drive to use the software CD, you will be informed about the support path via the homepage. Download, install and finish. Because this Brother MFC-L2712DW printer model is Wifi enabled and supports AirPrint, it also explains the installation and linking of the app. Again, everything is fast and straightforward. An SQL code on the device itself makes it even faster. It was ready to print after 3 seconds after sending the print job from the laptop. Fast, quiet, clean, the printed sheet came out. With normal presetting in a very good quality. Thanks to Wifi support, you can set up the device anywhere in the house. Simply tap the socket and you're ready to go. So setting up is also possible in otherwise rather unobjectionable places. Hidden in the closet, in the storeroom, etc.

Download Brother MFC-L2712DW Printer Driver
Also AirPrint from the smartphone did the printer after 2.5 seconds. Here, of course, the performance of your own router plays a big role in terms of printing time. Whether on the document edition or via the direct feeder. Both are quick and easy. Select the desired format directly on the device or on the PC with the software and start it. The quality is very good. No streaks, no streaks. 1: 1 copies. How it should be.

Brother MFC-L2712DW Scanning: Important documents can be scanned in two ways, as in the copying process, and then edited. Again, you will be guided by a very good program and find your way around very well. The quality is also sharp and clean. Very good is the really large amount, which can be fed error-free and without problems. Up to 50 sheets. Great to pass important files or orders in one go. This works when scanning, faxing and copying.
paper selection

The Brother MFC-L2712DW printer has a separate paper input tray just below the output door. It also has a sensor that paper has been inserted and it pulls a piece. Then you can without having to change something on the device just copy or print and the device automatically takes the added paper. No annoying emptying of the paper cassette and complete exchange.

Brother MFC-L2712DW Drivers Download
Brother MFC-L2712DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother MFC-L2712DW Download
After only positive experiences with the device, I would have been very surprised if there had been problems here. Select Fax on the machine, place the sheet in the feeder or on the scanner, press Number using the selection keys and press Start. The sheet is scanned, it selects, transmits and finished. Again, fast and reliable. Frequently dialed numbers can be stored on speed dial keys. So only one selection is necessary. You just can not have it.

Conclusion: The Brother MFC-L2712DW multifunction device is a solid, reliable all-rounder that performs its tasks quietly and quickly. Due to its compact design in cube form, it can be placed almost anywhere. Wifi support makes it possible to position it in almost any room / location and makes free work within reach much easier. Thanks to Airprint, spontaneous print jobs can be done instantly without having to call the desired "page" again on the PC. Detailed and accurate instructions in the instruction manual make setting up and setting up child's play. Faxing, printing, scanning, copying and everything is done quickly and cleanly, no matter whether it is via direct feed or contact surface. Separate paper feed allows easy and uncomplicated medium change in between.


Brother MFC-L2732DW Driver Download

Brother MFC-L2732DW Printer Driver Download. This Brother MFC-L2732DW laser printer is in my son's study. He is very happy with it. Prints in a good quality. Since he mainly prints notes, the result is in black and white. The price is completely fine. For inkjet printers, we were bothered by the fact that the ink was constantly drying up, making them expensive in the long run. This does not happen anymore. Brother MFC-L2732DW keeps what it promises. Scan, print, copy, fax and all in sharp quality. Easy and intuitive operation. The paper tray, which can hold up to 250 sheets, provides enough space so you do not have to refill constantly. I also find it great that you can set this individually to different formats DIN A4, A5, A6 manually.

Download Brother MFC-L2732DW Printer Driver
Another plus point is the 50-sheet document feeder, with which you can quickly scan, copy or fax several pages at once. It should also be mentioned that a duplex unit is integrated. The design of the printer is kept simple, well made and no frills. Of course, it has a corresponding size, because even the paper cassette takes up a lot of space.

Point deduction: The operating volume especially in the "warm-up" is quite loud and disturbing. But I am extremely pleasantly surprised by the great workmanship of the device and the ease of use at a great price. The Brother MFC-L2732DW was super easy to install, just quickly integrated into the WLAN and the PC and the software have recognized this immediately and the device was ready for use immediately. Super is the size ratio of the printer, my previous device was just as large of the floor space, but you had to always open any hatches to insert paper, which was then introduced poorly. This is not the case with this device, it has a great storage compartment for 250 A4 sheets.

Brother MFC-L2732DW Drivers Download
Brother MFC-L2732DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother MFC-L2732DW Download
The toner is only monochrome black but perfectly adequate for most home use. This is also easy to change, just open the front door and pull out the toner on the tab and insert the new one. The operation on the PC is also super easy on the brother utility software. In this one can scan fax and save the respective scanned documents in PDFs or pictures. Adjustment on the printer can also be realized via the Tools tab. A software update of this Brother MFC-L2732DW printer can be done via the web interface of the printer.

The Brother MFC-L2732DW printer can also be operated via smartphone simply download the app iPrint & Scan. Here you can easily print documents and pictures from your smartphone or even scan documents and save them as a PDF very convenient to create attachments for emails or fix times to print a shipping label without having to turn on the PC. The duplex function of the printer is also great. These are automatically printed on both sides without turning the pages again and inserting them again in the paper tray.

There are also several copy functions, so you can even print several scanned pages together on one A4 page. On the whole, a super solid device that can handle text documents class. If you really value great pictures, you should definitely buy a color laser printer.


Brother HL-B2080DW Driver Download

Brother HL-B2080DW Printer Driver Download. The Brother HL-B2080DW comes with its compact dimensions, is a good choice for me as a home office printer. I try to avoid unnecessary printing, but in everyday life it is still more often necessary to put something on paper. An inkjet printer like the one I used to possess was no longer suitable for my needs. The choice fell on this Brother HL-B2080DW, as its size is appropriate for my study and I expect a low consumption of toner for occasional printing. The printer makes a solid impression, installing and connecting over Wi-Fi was straightforward, and the printer is up and running quickly. The print quality is OK, for my needs it is enough. Pleasant is the fast pressure and the quiet operating noise in sleep mode, the printer is imperceptible, but is ready for use again quickly. Another advantage for me is the hidden paper cassette and finally no more dusty, bent paper. Recommended for those who occasionally print, do not want to annoy with drying cartridges and looking for a space-saving laser printer.

Download Brother HL-B2080DW Printer Driver
Unfortunately I could not convince the print result with inkjet printers, which is why I decided now for a laser printer. This model from Brother seemed to me to meet all requirements and offer a low price. First of all, let me say that all my expectations were fulfilled. What really got me excited about this model is that it is awarded the Blue Angel. Also, the design is appealing and, unlike many other models, not so clunky. It fits wonderful on a dresser, a shelf or similar. Thanks to the included and well-illustrated leaflet Setting up and removing the protective parts, as well as the insertion of the toner was easy. The display of the printer can already be set a lot, such as the language. With a little trial and error, these functions are conveniently explained by themselves.

Brother HL-B2080DW Drivers Download
Brother HL-B2080DW Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother HL-B2080DW Download
Also practically useful is the completely invisible paper cassette. It holds 250 sheets and is almost under the printer. This keeps the paper clean and undamaged. The Brother HL-B2080DW drivers setup over the network was fast and straightforward. With the cable (attention, this is NOT included!) It took only a few minutes and we were able to print. Somewhat trickier it was with the device for the WLAN (protected network), but then worked well. However, only under Windows. Under Linux the printer works over the cable, but not over WLAN. Windows accepts both functions. Thanks to the QR code, we did not need the supplied driver CD. *Small note: It takes some time to enter the Wi-Fi password because you have to click through numbers and letters.

The Brother HL-B2080DW  speed is sufficiently fast with approx. 2 sec / page. Even duplex printing (2-sided printing) can be set, as well as the printing of brochures. The typeface was initially slightly blurred. Here is still a little readjusted. That can be done by a few simple steps. The pressure sound is not exactly quiet and in the beginning the ink stinks extremely. Another disadvantage here is the high price of the toner. With this one gets a cheap model, which, however, is associated with relatively high follow-up costs. So if you rarely print and looking for a device that works well on Wi-Fi, this is a cheap model.

Overall Brother HL-B2080DW is just a printer and there is no scanner with it. The WLAN function is great because you do not have to have the printer in the same room as the PC. I am also satisfied with the print results. There was no manual in German, but you can see in the attached pictures how to put the printer into operation. All in all, I'm happy.